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Israel combats militant financing via cryptocurrency


Israel is actively battling against the financing of Iran-supported militant groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. A new development in this ongoing struggle is the increasing use of the cryptocurrency platform, Tron. According to financial crime experts and blockchain research specialists, Tron has become the preferred platform for crypto transfers linked to groups identified as terror organizations by Israel, the United States, and other nations, surpassing Bitcoin in popularity. This shift to Tron is largely due to its enhanced anonymity features, flexibility, and high transaction speed, making it challenging for authorities to trace illicit transactions.

In response, governments and regulatory bodies are now prioritizing the analysis of Tron’s network and its potential use by militant groups in order to develop effective strategies to disrupt and neutralize this new form of financial support for terrorism. A detailed examination of cryptocurrency confiscations conducted by Israeli security services since 2021 highlights this emerging trend. There has been a noticeable increase in the targeting of Tron wallets for the first time, while the seizures of Bitcoin wallets have decreased.

Tron provides faster transaction times, lower costs, and stability

Mriganka Pattnaik, the CEO of New York-based blockchain analysis company Merkle Science, states that terrorist groups are increasingly choosing Tron due to its faster transaction times, lower costs, and stability. Additionally, the shift to Tron may be attributed to the increased scrutiny and regulation faced by more established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. As terrorist organizations continuously adapt to circumvent anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) measures, law enforcement and intelligence agencies must adapt their methods to track and combat these illicit activities.

Responding to these findings, Hayward Wong, a representative for Tron, mentioned that any technology has the potential to be used for dubious activities, drawing a parallel to the use of US dollars for money laundering. Wong emphasized that Tron has no control over the individuals using its technology and has no connections to the groups flagged by Israel. Furthermore, Wong stressed that Tron is continually working to improve the security and transparency of the platform to prevent illicit activities. He also urged the community and authorities to collaborate in identifying and addressing such issues, emphasizing the importance of a united effort to ensure responsible use of the technology.

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