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Seize Control of Your Data


With the growing prevalence of data breaches and misuse, a company is aiming to empower individuals and organizations by returning control of data ownership to them.

Akord is a web3 platform that offers digital vaults for storage and collaboration. It uniquely combines traditional cloud and permanent blockchain storage within one application, providing users with unprecedented control over their data’s storage, management, and sharing.

Introducing Permanent Storage

Akord offers a user-friendly solution for accessing permanent storage through Arweave, a decentralized blockchain project that ensures data is stored permanently with a one-time upfront fee.

This is made possible through Arweave’s blockchain-like structure, the blockweave, and its storage endowment. The blockweave holds all stored data on the network, using a consensus mechanism called SPoRA to validate the correct storage of data by miners.

Despite the perception of the high cost of storing data for 200 years, the upfront fee for storing a GB of data for this duration is only $6.4 at current prices, due to the protocol’s endowment mechanism and the steady decline in storage costs over time.

On-chain or in the cloud, you choose

Akord’s vaults can be set to Permanent or Cloud, Public or Private. Permanent vaults store data on the Arweave blockchain, providing cryptographically immutable data guaranteed for at least 200 years.

The decentralized nature of this storage, with data spread across hundreds of nodes globally, offers protection against ransomware attacks and single-point-of-failure risks associated with traditional cloud providers. Cloud vaults, on the other hand, allow the option for data to be deleted and serve as a secure alternative to centralized storage providers.

Enhanced Security

Akord’s private vaults use true end-to-end encryption, granting users complete control over their data’s keys and ensuring that all data is encrypted on the user’s device before being transmitted to Akord.

Moreover, users hold a recovery phrase that provides them with sole control over their account and data, making it inaccessible to Akord without the recovery phrase.

The social vault

Akord’s vaults can be utilized as collaborative spaces, equipped with features like access control, end-to-end encrypted chat, note creation, media galleries, and an in-app notification feed. Furthermore, users have the ability to transfer ownership of a vault to someone else.

A Diverse Range of Use Cases

Since its launch in 2021, Akord has been deployed for various use cases, ranging from ancient Buddhist teachings, NFT artists, reforestation data, insurance certificates, podcasts, and individual users storing their precious family photos and digital assets. The common thread among these diverse users is their desire for greater control over their data.

Perpetual Access Even if Akord Ceases Operations

Even if Akord ceases operations in the future, the Akord Explorer, an upcoming permaweb dApp, will continue running and provide perpetual access to data. Users will only need their recovery phrase to connect to Explorer and access their vaults and data.

Final Thoughts on Seizing Control of Your Data

The current concerns surrounding data handling and misuse have created a growing demand for solutions that empower individuals and organizations by giving them ownership of their data. Akord is at the forefront of this movement, leveraging web3 technology to offer secure, versatile digital vaults that meet various data storage needs. Whether it’s the permanence of blockchain storage or the flexibility of cloud vaults, Akord provides a platform for users to reclaim control over their data.

Explore Akord’s digital vaults for free and use the code AKORD30 to get 30% off the first month if you choose to subscribe.

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