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Vans maker VF Corp hit by cyber attack, personal data 35.5 million compromised


VF Corp, the parent company of popular sneaker brand Vans, has experienced a significant data breach affecting approximately 35.5 million consumers, as reported by Reuters. The breach, which was discovered on Dec. 13, resulted in disruptions to the company’s e-commerce operations and impacted global customer orders.

According to a recent regulatory filing, VF Corp disclosed that the cyber attack led to delays in order fulfillment and the cancellation of certain product orders. Despite these operational challenges, the company has assured stakeholders that it does not anticipate any significant impact on its finances.

One of the main concerns stemming from the incident is the compromise of personal data. VF Corp clarified that while a substantial number of consumer records were compromised, the company does not store sensitive information like social security numbers, bank account details, or payment card information in its IT systems. This limited data storage may have helped mitigate the severity of the breach.

Additionally, VF Corp stated that there is currently no evidence to suggest that consumer passwords were obtained during the cyber attack. This information provides some comfort to affected consumers regarding the security of their accounts.

In response to the incident, VF Corp has taken measures to restore its IT systems and data. The company has reported substantial recovery of the systems affected by the cyber attack. However, it is still addressing minor operational issues that have emerged in the aftermath.

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