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3 Surprising Benefits of the Cloud in IoT


Companies implementing dynamic IoT solutions are using cloud computing. There are more benefits to IoT initiatives from cloud computing than just scalability, cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance.

When deciding how cloud computing might impact your IoT efforts, consider these surprising benefits.

  • #1 The cloud facilitates data integration.

Enterprises have invested in big data initiatives to combine information from multiple sources to make quicker, more accurate decisions. These efforts focused on human-generated data stored in ERP, CRM, and other enterprise systems. Adopting IoT as part of their data strategy helps companies provide real-time information to existing reporting systems and greater visibility.

Data from traditional enterprise systems layered with data generated from sensors and connected equipment have different characteristics. The cloud’s ability to house large amounts of data allows companies to process and store both data types in the same place.

  • #2 Companies can count on the cloud for security and reliability.

Leading cloud providers have dedicated security professionals and follow best practices and industry-specific standards. They equip businesses using their cloud solutions with the tools they need to take ownership of the security of their data.

Cloud platforms undergo continuous auditing, so cloud service providers can make performance and security data readily available to customers. This ensures proper security and performance across fleets of IoT devices.

  • #3 When paired with edge computing, the cloud offers the most significant business benefit.

Integrating edge computing into cloud solutions offers advantages for IoT deployments. Cloud and edge offer different benefits in different types of environments, making a distributed computing framework best suited for IoT deployments.

A distributed processing approach that uses different methods of computing based on strengths and weaknesses can lead to minimized costs and maximized performance.

Shifting views of the cloud will lead to greater IoT success.

As the cloud becomes more widely adopted across industries, a shift to multi-cloud environments will begin to gain momentum. The cloud offers key benefits that help businesses implement IoT initiatives more effectively in industrial environments.

When utilized effectively and paired with edge computing, organizations are better able to match their computing to their business needs and act on insights in real-time.

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