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Enterprise Private Wireless: Enabling Secure, Reliable Communications with Edge Computing


Many organizations have prioritized digital transformation, yet have not upgraded their connectivity solutions, despite heavy promotion of 5G solutions. The complex and expensive on-prem infrastructure has led to slow adoption of this technology by enterprises.

Private wireless solutions, utilizing the power of the edge, provide businesses with secure, reliable connectivity, simplifying traditional solutions and reducing reliance on legacy carriers.

Moreover, private wireless solutions are cost-effective and quick to implement, especially when deployed using APIs, giving enterprises the flexibility to build and expand their networks as needed.

Enterprise Private Wireless

Enterprise private wireless offers significant benefits in performance, security, and cost savings, impacting industries such as healthcare, education, smart cities, and the supply chain.

Read on to learn how each of these industries’ connectivity challenges can be addressed by enterprise private wireless solutions.

Private Wireless in Healthcare

Healthcare facilities often have complex structures that challenge traditional Wi-Fi’s unlicensed spectrum. Dependable network connectivity is crucial for providing timely and efficient care and for tracking patients, personnel, and equipment in emergency situations.

Hospitals are early adopters of technology advancements, integrating various users and use cases to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency, requiring high-performance connectivity.

Advancement in Healthcare Tech

New technology implementations in healthcare facilities enhance operations but require higher performance connectivity to ensure efficiency and security. Patient privacy must also be safeguarded to comply with HIPAA regulations.

Consider Edge-Based Private Cellular Solutions

Edge-based private cellular solutions offer reliable, secure communications across healthcare facilities, integrating with existing IT network governance and providing stronger, more mobile network connections than traditional Wi-Fi.

These solutions also enhance security measures related to connectivity, ensuring patient privacy and the resilience of enterprise connectivity platforms.

Private Wireless in Education

Ensuring reliable coverage and network performance across educational campuses is challenging with traditional Wi-Fi technology, leading to connectivity issues in hard-to-reach locations and RF blind spots.

Stable Connectivity Ensure Safety

Stable connectivity infrastructure is necessary to ensure the safety of students and personnel. Private wireless solutions enable security, surveillance, access control, and targeted communications to students, staff, and the community. Implementing new applications is also faster and more cost-effective.

Educational institutions can explore federal grants to upgrade their networks and close the digital divide.

Private Wireless in Smart Cities

As technology continues to evolve, the demand for connectivity and computing in smart cities has increased, challenging traditional providers. Implementing edge-based private wireless solutions can enable stronger, safer connectivity, supporting various public benefits and digital transformation initiatives.

Digital Transformation of This Magnitude Should Move to the Edge

Moving to the edge is essential for cities to supercharge their digital transformation initiatives, as it ensures fast and reliable low-latency responses for critical applications, creating more secure, productive municipalities.

Private Wireless in the Supply Chain

Global supply chains require strong, reliable connectivity for human-robot collaboration and digital workflow optimization. Edge-based private wireless solutions ensure safety, drive continuous productivity, and provide device security.

What About Device Security With Private Mobile Networks?

Private mobile networks offer security for devices on manufacturing and warehousing floors, providing defense against potential hackers. Manufacturers and warehousers can deploy secure mobile connectivity that keeps business running smoothly with quick deployment time.

Last Words

Private cellular solutions powered by the edge offer performance and security enhancements across key industries, providing enterprises with a highly secure, reliable, and cost-effective long-term enterprise communications platform.

Featured Image Credit: Conny Schneider; Unsplash; Provided by the Author; Thank you!

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