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Coworking spaces and IoT — what could possibly go wrong?


The Internet of Things (IoT) and coworking spaces share the common need to establish secure and accessible connections to engage with and safeguard their growing communities. Lucas Seyhun, co-founder at The Farm Coworking, emphasized the importance of preserving human connections while incorporating technology. He believes that IoT can be beneficial for coworking communities to connect, expand, and maintain security.

Several technologies are assisting coworking spaces in achieving a delicate balance of keeping their communities connected and secure. One such technology is the Kisi cloud-based platform for physical access control, which allows coworking members to use mobile devices or cards for space access. Vijay Mehra, founder of the Austin-based atx FACTORY, shared their positive experience with this technology, highlighting the convenience of using smartphones for accessing the facility.

Another impactful technology is WUN Systems, a workspace management system that enables coworking spaces to manage various aspects such as data/WiFi, phones, and door access in accordance with specific membership plans or members’ needs. This integration of systems leads to greater automation and efficiency, enhancing the overall experience for coworking members and increasing revenue for coworking spaces.

Additionally, XANDEM offers a full-coverage motion detection and tracking technology without the use of cameras, providing real-time monitoring while addressing privacy concerns. Joey Wilson, CEO and founder of XANDEM, emphasized the ability of the technology to cater to the needs of coworking spaces.

tracking screenshot
A screenshot of XANDEM

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