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How Jirav Is Changing the Future of Financial Planning


Companies in today’s fast-paced business environment require reliable and efficient tools to manage financial planning. Legacy tools have been around for a while, but they often fall short due to their cumbersome design and limited functionality. Jirav, a fintech startup led by Martin Zych, identified the need for cloud-based financial planning software in the market and set out to address it. Jirav aims to help businesses succeed by offering comprehensive, automated accounting and financial model solutions. In this article, we will explore how Jirav is disrupting the financial planning industry, attracting investors, and establishing itself as a frontrunner in the field.

Martin Zych gained valuable experience working for startups like Limeade and Zephyr Health, where he recognized the limitations of traditional financial planning methods. The fragmented nature and cumbersome architectures of these legacy systems led to a lack of comprehensive measurement and planning. After his company spent nearly $100,000 and six months implementing a financial planning and analysis (FP&A) solution, Zych was motivated to develop a faster, more cost-effective option for financial professionals.

Zych and his business partner Steve Turner created Jirav, a cloud-based platform offering a range of pre-built FP&A solutions tailored to various industries. Jirav simplifies financial planning for businesses by providing access to diverse financial models, KPIs, reports, and dashboards.

The recent $20 million Series B funding round indicates investor confidence in Jirav’s mission. Led by Cota Capital, the round also saw participation from Alumni Ventures, Born Capital, Bluefish Ventures, and Information Venture Partners. With this latest funding, Jirav has raised a total of $33 million, which will be allocated towards product enhancement, customer expansion, and team growth.

According to Martin Zych, this funding aligns with Jirav’s long-term strategic goals and will enable the company to maintain its competitive edge and pioneer new approaches to financial planning. By securing capital now, Jirav is positioning itself for success as the economy rebounds, ensuring sustained growth and ongoing development.

Jirav offers a wide range of financial planning tools to suit various needs. Businesses can integrate operational, accounting, and workforce data into the platform to analyze business budgets, scenario plans, and forecasts. Here are some of Jirav’s software’s key strengths:

1. Forecasting Profits and Loss

Jirav enables businesses to make reliable financial projections by analyzing historical data and utilizing industry-specific models, allowing them to prepare for future growth or challenges.

2. Cash Flow Analysis

Jirav’s software helps companies assess their cash flow health, identify issues, and develop improved cash management practices, enabling businesses to address cash flow gaps and operate smoothly.

3. Planning and Budgeting

Jirav’s platform facilitates effective financial planning and budgeting, allowing businesses to create detailed budgets, allocate resources efficiently, and monitor KPIs to maximize resource usage, enhance productivity, and increase profitability.

4. Scenario Planning

Jirav’s scenario planning tool enables companies to simulate various hypothetical situations, anticipate their impact on financial outcomes, and plan for different outcomes to mitigate risks in an unpredictable and volatile market.

While Jirav has established a strong presence in the financial planning software market, it faces competition from other companies. Cube, a major competitor, also provides tools for financial teams to prepare for the future. Similar to Jirav, Cube has raised significant funds, totaling over $45 million. Additionally, startups in the financial planning and analysis space, such as Firmbase, Vereto, and Mosaic, are vying for market share.

Allied Market Research projects that by 2031, the global market for FP&A software will reach $16.9 billion, reflecting the growing demand for advanced offerings in this sector. Despite strong competition, Jirav’s unique product offering and focus on accounting firms position it well to capitalize on this market demand.

Jirav’s commitment to delivering value is evident in its extensive client list, which includes over 4,000 companies. While specific revenue figures were not disclosed by Martin Zych, he characterized Jirav’s performance as “strong”, noting record growth in recent quarters with hundreds of new businesses joining the platform monthly.

In the evolving fintech landscape, Jirav recognizes the importance of continuous innovation. New entrants in the financial planning space, such as Mosaic and Datarails, have joined established industry players like Workday Adaptive Planning and Netsuite. Jirav competes by offering a standout product tailored to the needs of accounting firms.

With a recent funding round and an expanding customer base, Jirav is well-positioned for future growth and market leadership. The additional funding will enable Jirav to enhance its product offering, bolster customer acquisition efforts, and attract top talent to support its mission. Jirav aims to maintain its status as the premier provider of financial planning software by staying abreast of emerging technologies and consumer preferences.

In summary, Jirav’s cloud-based software is revolutionizing financial planning. By providing automated, comprehensive solutions, Jirav helps businesses save time and money in budgeting and planning. With its recent funding, Jirav is poised for sustained growth, groundbreaking developments, and a leading role in the industry. Jirav’s commitment to customers and its distinctive product offering will drive its success in the expanding FP&A software market.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What sets Jirav apart from legacy financial planning tools?

A: Jirav offers a cloud-based platform with ready-made solutions for various sectors. It overcomes the siloed nature and limitations of legacy systems, providing comprehensive financial models, KPIs, reports, and dashboards for efficient financial planning.

Q: What are the main features of Jirav’s financial planning software?

A: Jirav’s software includes features such as profit and loss forecasting, cash flow analysis, plan and budget creation, and scenario planning. These tools enable businesses to make reliable projections, manage cash flow effectively, allocate resources efficiently, and assess risks.

Q: How does Jirav help businesses succeed?

A: Jirav’s platform simplifies financial planning and analysis, saving time and money for businesses. It provides access to a variety of financial models, KPIs, and reports, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their financial performance.

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