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5 Tips for Wowing VIP Prospects and Clients


For startups and young businesses, the opportunity to work with a VIP client is crucial. Ensuring that you make a great first impression and continue to impress throughout your relationship is imperative.

How to Make a Lasting Impression

Every client is important, but it’s undeniable that certain clients are more significant. Understanding how to impress these clients will help you gain and retain their business in the long run.

Wowing VIP prospects and clients involves striking a balance between authenticity and being personable. While challenging, the following practical suggestions may be valuable to implement.

1. Build Personal Relationships

Many business professionals tend to focus solely on business with prospects and clients. While business discussions are important, developing personal connections can earn respect and build stronger relationships.

Client relationships can be enhanced when you find common ground outside of work, such as shared hobbies or personal interests, making conversations more enjoyable and memorable.

2. Engage with Questions

While there is a time for you to share, encouraging the prospect or client to talk as much as possible is essential. This can be achieved by asking plenty of open-ended questions.

Sales coach Mike Shultz explains that open-ended questions are great for understanding the needs and priorities of clients, as well as helping them create better future outcomes.

3. Minimize Friction

Going the extra mile is necessary, which includes reducing any obstacles and making things as convenient as possible for your prospects and clients.

For example, when taking a client to a restaurant, calling ahead to make reservations and pre-ordering a bottle of wine and an appetizer can demonstrate a high level of service.

Alternatively, reserving a private charter for business travel can reduce stress and provide uninterrupted time with the client.

4. Provide Undivided Attention

When interacting with a VIP prospect or client, they should feel like they are your main focus. This involves giving them your full attention by turning off your phone and minimizing distractions.

5. Be Yourself

While it’s important to impress VIP prospects and clients, it’s crucial to remain authentic. Emphasize your strengths and avoid trying to be someone you’re not.

Setting Yourself Apart

When dealing with VIP prospects and clients, it’s important to differentiate yourself from competitors. By impressing prospects and clients, you aim to make yourself the obvious choice for them to work with. As you gain hands-on experience, you will become more comfortable with this aspect of business. Best of luck!

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