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Real-time Image Analysis in Marketing: Some Exciting Use Cases


When we hear the term ‘image analysis,’ we often think of software that can identify objects in photographs. While static image analysis is significant, it is just one aspect of a larger landscape of possibilities.

For marketers, real-time visual analysis of people offers compelling use cases. This technology can help improve marketing performance, create stronger connections between customers and brands, and reduce costs.

This article expounds on marketing use cases for real-time visual analysis of people and photographic images, highlighting the direct benefits to brand owners and creative agencies in terms of improved performance measurement, reduced costs, and enhanced personalized experiences for consumers.

Making Marketing More Personal

Computer vision and image analysis technologies are becoming more accurate in scenarios such as gender and age group analysis. For instance, McDonald’s plans to use computer vision to identify customers’ gender and approximate age to recommend menu items based on this visual data.

Personalized Window Shopping

Retail companies are working with computer vision consultants and developers to personalize window shopping experiences. Camera-equipped screens in storefronts will analyze data about passers-by and display content relevant to each individual, such as garments that complement what they are wearing.

Understanding Consumer Attention and Sentiment

Image analysis can capture improved metrics about how advertising is perceived by viewers, allowing for more accurate data on viewer sentiments and reactions to advertisements.

Smiles Don’t Lie

Facial image analysis revealed that viewer emotional responses contradicted stated opinions, highlighting the potential for image analysis to provide more accurate data than traditional surveys when gauging the impact of audio-visual advertising.

Accurate Analysis for Outdoor Advertising

Image analysis could provide feedback on various performance factors for outdoor advertising, including audience demographics and engagement metrics to level the playing field with online marketing.

All-Seeing Signage

Small cameras integrated with image analysis applications on outdoor signage could track metrics such as the number of people passing by, engagement, and demographics, empowering advertisers to make real-time changes to displayed content based on audience response.

No Time-Consuming Tagging

Image analysis can reduce the labor associated with displaying products on ecommerce websites by enabling visual search tools based on deep learning technology, alleviating the need for manual tagging of product images and improving the search process for consumers.

Seeing Beyond Semantics

Visual searches powered by image analysis allow online shoppers to search for products by uploading or selecting images, making the search process easier and reducing the costs involved in creating and maintaining online product catalogs.

Image Analysis: A New Dimension in Data-Driven Marketing

Real-time image analysis offers exciting use cases for marketers, blurring the lines between physical and digital interaction to reshape the way brands strengthen their identities, measure performance, and reach new levels of cost-efficiency.

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