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LG InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator: A Must-Have Smart Appliance


LG offers a wide range of refrigerators, but its most recent addition tops them all as a smart device that does almost everything except cooking. The LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator is truly a technological marvel. Here is a review of this smart refrigerator.

Unique Product Features

Many smart connected refrigerators are available in the market. However, what sets the LQ InstaView ThinQ refrigerator apart is its built-in Amazon Alexa. This feature makes it even easier to use the virtual assistant to perform various tasks, such as making lists, shopping for groceries, checking weather forecasts, managing calendars, finding recipes, and playing music.

Additionally, the refrigerator features a 29” HD transparent LCD touch-screen which allows users to set and check food expiration dates, view the contents without opening the door, upload photos, and leave messages for family members. The refrigerator also includes LG Bluetooth audio speakers for quality music playback.

The LG ThinQ Technology

The refrigerator utilizes LG’s ThinQ technology, incorporating an app that is easy to understand and use. This technology learns user habits and adjusts to preferences, while also monitoring energy consumption to ensure efficient use.

Notable Refrigerator Features

In addition to its connected technology, the refrigerator offers a super-capacity with 30 cubic feet of usable space, a Door-in-Door feature with ColdSaver Panel to maintain food freshness, and a versatile ice and water dispenser. It also features Smart Cooling Plus technology with a Linear Compressor and Dual Evaporators for optimal food preservation, as well as easy-to-reach compartments at the front of the refrigerator for convenient access to frequently used items.

The Look

The refrigerator is available in a black stainless steel option, offering a sophisticated appearance that complements various kitchen designs, while also reducing smudges often found on regular stainless steel models.

Energy Efficiency

With an ENERGY STAR rating and exceeding federal energy standards, the refrigerator delivers long-term energy savings and environmental benefits.

The Price

At a price tag exceeding $6,000, the refrigerator’s advanced features come at a considerable cost.

Improvements Needed

While pioneering, there is room for improvement in terms of flexibility for connecting calendars and other apps, enhanced streaming and WiFi capabilities, and expanded functionality and choice in future models.

Warranty Information

The refrigerator comes with a one-year warranty for parts and labor, and additional coverage for the Sealed System and linear compressor.

Where to Buy

The LG InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator is available at leading appliance stores including Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Best Buy.

Overall Thoughts

The LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator is a top-of-the-line smart appliance that showcases the potential of smart technology in our homes. While the price may deter some buyers, it offers substantial energy savings, connectivity, and convenience. For those willing to make the investment, it’s an ideal choice.

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