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Logitech BRIO Webcam: Optimum Video Picture Quality for Video Conferences and Webinars


With more remote workers as well as the growing use of podcasts, Webinars, social media channel live streams, and video conferences, companies need to have high-quality webcam equipment to deliver the best experience. And, for me, that’s what Logitech BRIO webcam delivers. This webcam has great resolution and visibility. Here’s why.

4K Resolution and Visibility

Logitech touts itself as the only company that offers a mainstream webcam that can record at 4K resolution and HDR.  The webcam supports video capturing at 1080p at 60fps as well as 720p at 60fps. If you want to capture in 4K, don’t forget to plug it into a USB 3.0 port. The webcam also provides a 90-degree capture angle to get everyone in the conference room or studio in view and on the screen.

The RightLight 3 feature ensure the best possible brightness, contrast, and color for any given lighting situation.  That means the webcam can perform well even when there is low light, offering clarity throughout the recording process. Beyond the primary camera sensor, there is also an infrared sensor to support the extra security that a facial login program like Windows Hello provides.

The Logitech Camera Setting Software gives you the ability to adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, and field of view with sliders. The viewing angles can be adjusted and set to 65, 78, and 90 degrees. If you want to add a digital backdrop, the webcam supports background replacement through the use of an extension. There is also 5x zoom capability.

Other Features

To take full advantage of what this webcam offers, you need to be streaming on a platform that supports 4K. Be aware that companies like Skype and Google Hangouts tend to limit their stream resolution to 1080p or lower. Currently, YouTube is the only one that officially supports 4K streaming.

While there is an integrated microphone, it doesn’t compare to using a standalone one to get the best quality without the echo or tinny quality.

The webcam has a durable plastic casing and substantial, but not too heavy weight that makes it feel worthy of the price. It also features a flip-down privacy shutter (that I really appreciate). You can also easily mount the webcam — thanks to a clip. The ability to place the webcam in different location includes the capability to install it on an LCD screen, notebook, tabletop, or a tripod.

The Best and Worst Features

Overall, this webcam provides exceptional picture quality and detail at 4K compared to other webcams that only record at 1080p. That means there was an incredible detail to the picture — and sharper background images.  Another standout feature is the lighting adjustment with HDR to ensure a good viewing experience despite the surroundings.

No question, this webcam is also made for business. It is certified compatible with Skype for Business as well as works with Microsoft Cortana® and Windows Hello. Other popular applications that the webcam integrates with include BlueJeans, Broadsoft, Fuze, Lifesize Cloud, Vidyo, and Zoom.

However, it’s not a perfect webcam and still needs some improvement when it comes to the autofocus. Once it locks focus onto an object up close, the webcam has problems with readjusting the focus when it’s moved further away. Even after adding the firmware and software updates, I continued to have a problem with the autofocus feature.

Plus, it seems like they could have put a bit more effort into making a high-quality stand that comes with this pricey webcam.

Where to Buy

You can find the webcam on multiple online retailers like Amazon, Newegg, and WalMart.

What Comes With It

The webcam also comes with a carrying pouch, stand, detachable USB 3.o cable, removable clip, privacy shade, and documentation. It also has a three-year limited hardware warranty.

Overall Thoughts

For the moment, it is the highest-end webcam available. However, between the cost and the inability of nearly every platform to allow you to leverage the 4K capability, it may not yet be worth the investment. As soon as 4K goes mainstream — this would likely be the webcam to purchase immediately.

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