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Motorola Verve 200 True Buds – Take a Pass


This morning I opened up my brand new Motorola Verve 200 Earbuds and excitedly paired them with my phone ready for a day of listening to music and work phone calls. The pairing process could not have been easier and within seconds they were ready to go.

I dutifully followed the instructions that came with the headphones and made sure to fully charge them before taking them out for a full spin. After an hour or so of charging they were ready to go. I first listened to some Spotify and was pleased as the sound was as clear as I expected. They fit in my ears was so perfect I felt like I could do flips without fearing that they would fall out.

I headed out of the house to continue working at a coffee shop confident that I could use my new earbuds to take a video call without being “that guy” who has a loud call in a public place. I paired the earbuds with my laptop and just like with my phone it was ready to go in seconds.

The trouble started once I was about 15 minutes in my video call. First one of the earbuds cut out and I was only able to hear in one ear. Then the ear-hearing switched as I went from only being able to hear in the right ear to only hearing through the left — and this was not working. That solution was workable as I was still able to follow along with just one earbud working.

But then disaster hit, and they both stopped working. Frantically I tried to connect, reconnect, and restart the buds all to no avail. The image of me staring at the moving mouths that I could not hear is now firmly associated with these new earbuds.

However, not one to give up after one bad experience, I paired the earbuds back to my phone and tried to continue the meeting in the old fashioned. Alas, this meeting and these earbuds weren’t meant to be because the remainder of that meeting was spent with me being asked to repeat myself as I could not be heard clearly through my microphone. At the same time, I could hardly hear anything that was being said in the meeting — even with the volume jacked all the way up.

Lesson learned — these are not the earbuds that I want to rely on for anything beyond casual play.

Motorola Verve 200 True Buds
Motorola Verve 200 True Buds – Take a pass

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