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The Eight Sleep Tracker: A Smarter Way to Get Quality Sleep


Our modern, high-tech lifestyles are often accused of causing a wide range of sleep problems that can affect productivity and mood regardless of age. The Eight sleep tracker offers a more intelligent approach to achieving quality sleep.

While several mattress companies have emerged to address insomnia, not everyone can afford expensive beds.

However, there is another option for improving sleep quality: The Eight Sleep Tracker, a mattress cover that can transform your existing bed into a smart mattress at a fraction of the cost.

They Create Mattresses and More

When visiting the Eight website, you’ll come across their range of mattresses. If that fits your budget, there are various options available. However, to find the Eight Sleep Tracker, you’ll need to check under its Accessories section.

Why can't I sleep -- now I know.

This is your answer to getting better sleep.

How it Operates

The Sleep Tracker is a mattress cover that you place over the mattress just like a regular cover or fitted sheet. The cover contains built-in sensors that work with the Eight app to provide information about your individual sleep quality issues. You can use this data to identify patterns and make necessary changes.

Loaded with Technology

The sensors in the mattress cover track biometric data while you sleep. This data is sent to the Eight app, which includes a sleep coach powered by artificial intelligence. The AI-based sleep coach offers insights and recommendations to help improve your sleep quality.

The artificial intelligence is informed by the company’s analysis of sleep data from over two and a half million nights of sleep.

This vast amount of data helps the AI-enabled sleep coach make informed decisions, providing valuable insights into sleep and personal habits to identify areas for improvement.

look no further for why you are having trouble sleeping
The sensors are the key to finding what troubles you.

Key Features

There are several appealing aspects to this smart mattress cover.

Firstly, the material has a pleasant, cool feel and doesn’t retain excessive body warmth like some other covers. It also allows you to identify factors that may be disrupting your sleep. The company acknowledges that everyone has different preferences for bed temperature, offering ten programmable temperature settings.

You can select from ten temperature settings that can be scheduled to start and stop at your preferred times.

It is also easy to set up, requiring only plugging it into the wall and a pod on the side of the mattress cover. The accompanying app is quick to download and learn.

Information sent directly to your phone.
You will receive the analytical data to your phone, if you wish. Bingo, you can start making changes today.

The sleep data and sleep coach also provide a pathway to improving sleep quality.

Each morning, the app provides a sleep report, covering your heart rate, duration of deep sleep, and restlessness levels. Based on this, you receive a sleep score for the previous night, indicating the quality of your sleep.

Additionally, the sleep alarm helps you establish a consistent schedule based on your body’s rhythms.

The alarm tracks your natural waking time, then gently wakes you up to enforce a consistent sleep schedule. Once your body adjusts, you may not need the alarm unless your pattern changes.


In the connected age, it’s important to note what integrates with the Sleep Tracker. Alexa can activate the bed warming feature, Nest can adjust the thermostat, and Philips Hue Lights can slowly illuminate to wake you gently from deep sleep. It also integrates with Apple Health Kit, allowing you to compare sleep data with exercise and nutrition information.

finding and loving the eight sleep tracker

Pricing and Purchase Information

The Sleep Tracker costs $399 for a Full or Queen size cover and $419 for a King or California King cover. It is available for purchase exclusively on the company’s website. The app can be found on the Apple app store or Google Play. It comes with a one-year warranty and a thirty-night trial period.

Final Thoughts

Testimonials from many satisfied customers have shown that the Sleep Tracker information led to improved sleep quality over approximately three weeks. While its effectiveness with Eight’s mattresses is uncertain, during the review period with a regular mattress, it helped increase deep sleep duration and provided more restful days.

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