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Top 10 Technology Tools For Flawless Writing Experience


Every writer’s nightmare is slowly emerging. Artificial intelligence bots are causing a major uproar in an online community of authors and copywriters. Technological progress threatens original thoughts and ideas. Contrary to usual rumors, professional pen holders have no reason to worry. Each authentic narrative is still greatly appreciated. Incorporating useful tools into one’s writing is an answer to the modern AI threat. With so many digital writing tools available, we created one straightforward checklist with software you may find most productive for crafting words.

1. Microsoft Word

Students are intimately familiar with everyone’s premium old-fashioned tools they all grew to love and enjoy. Presumably, all folks with professional academic writing backgrounds only use Word in most editing and formatting. His simple, friendly interface with multiple options makes it our choice. Students who use computers for writing take Word for granted. That’s how ordinary it became, just as a benchmark for future writing and editing tools. Word’s legacy for young creative writers is giving everybody their favorite and special font.

2. Academic Writing Service Tools

Casual, creative scribbling doesn’t require peer review. It follows no rules. Scholars, however, demand a more serious approach. Students usually use a professional service for more serious essay writing as it offers more formatting options. One’s thesis or dissertation adheres to certain principles and standards, which is why essay writing service sites offer tools for writers who need a serious, standardized format and online writing help. They are exceptional at detecting plagiarism, as copycats are not tolerated in scholarly communities. Polishing any student’s dissertation sometimes requires help from experts. Although, checking one’s credibility and reviews is likely a smart thing to do. Finding reliable service is essential. Today’s technology helps study diverse topics easily, so students should use it without remorse. After all, knowledge is free for everybody. So are texting tools unless you pay a premium plan.

3. Cliché Finder

Meet a fancy tool for essay writing which helps pen holders avoid fluffy or unnecessary phrases and idioms. Readers hate boring, repetitive syntax that can destroy creativity. Cliché delivers suggestions to improve each text’s readability by making it concise yet straightforward. Spend less time contemplating proper synonyms or antonyms by getting straight to the point. Everyone appreciates an easy narrative. Students use this little gem when everyone’s current goal is to produce an article that sounds natural.

4. Google Docs

Another free gadget took for granted. You can call it “Word’s little brother”, with additions for online sharing or editing. Docs are communal tools explicitly designed to store large quantities of data. Users share or comment on essay papers while formatting them in real time. It’s similar to having free cloud storage with no maintenance expenses. Moreover, writers have all standard features freely available:

  • Paragraph styles
  • Insert options
  • Adding extensions
  • Comparing documents
  • Translating options

5. Hemingway

Have you ever wondered if fourth graders can easily read an essay? Use this tool to find out. Readability is an important criterion among readers of all ages. This custom writing service explores all reader’s needs regarding clairvoyance. Storytellers use Hemingway to get advice about inserting active voice or shortening sentences. Extremely useful but often underrated. Pupils and scholars greatly benefit from gadgets like Hemingway. Scribblers remember it with fondness when an essay sounds too aristocratic.

6. Grammarly

With Grammarly, creating written content becomes more effortless each day. Forget about spelling mistakes. Don’t worry about overusing passive voice. So many features come free, although going premium has its perks. Operating such an app is comparable to having a personal coach, a writer’s trainer who teaches proper posture, intonation, syntax, and tonality. After trying its features once, students or scholars will only look at written essay papers differently. Not many apps match its popularity.

7. Power Thesaurus

Talking about word sourcing. People who love playing Scrabble name Thesaurus as everyone’s favored tool. Providing multiple synonyms plus antonyms proves to be so much help when trying to formulate a sentence. Just playing with nice words brings ideas with associations and stimulates brainstorming. Reaching one’s word count goals is now more manageable, thanks to the Thesaurus. It’s lightning-fast, but an intuitive interface makes browsing through all possible synonyms joyful. The Thesaurus includes:

  • Huge word database
  • Intuitive interface
  • Mobile app option
  • Community-driven feedback system

8. Livescribe Pen Gadget

Regarding our current digital technology, accessories like smart pens or smart paper revolutionize typing. Smart pens are built on a distinctive idea. Transforming scribbling into digital form through some wireless connection. There’s magic to it, but it’s more like some complicated science. Smart paper is one product that folks didn’t know they wanted. Until several words are put on paper, friendly accessories bring something fresh. Something new which suits the digital era that we live in.

9. Qwerky Typewriter

Imagine any keyboard plus a typewriter blend together. That’s Qwerky. Perhaps it sounds like a cliché, but it proves to be extremely useful. Using crafty tools such as Qwerky provides a unique feel when typing anything. It is a pretty straightforward yet creative gadget—the same as machines. Typing on Qwerky Writer makes you feel like Henry Miller at his finest. A word can come smoothly with an unmatched tactile experience. Qwerky even looks like a real thing.

10. Computer Glasses

Try typing between two and three thousand words without proper eye protection. A glossy blue light on modern laptop screens makes our eyes soar pretty soon. Using eye drops isn’t practical. Proper glasses with amber lenses deliver ultimate protection. Glasses are always an exemplary investment for novelists who spend hours staring at any computer screen. Multiple brands compete by delivering top-notch lenses with outstanding features. Protect your eyes properly when scribbling.


Professional or amateur pen holders need help sometimes. New gadgets, apps, or software devices make all authors’ creative work effortless. Use them wisely. New technologies exist to make our life painless. Grammar checkers, editing apps, and cool accessories all serve one common cause.

Making your writing look flawless. Also, any original software for editing articles provides great value in today’s market. It can embellish style and structure, plus turn each author’s narrative into compelling storytelling.

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