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6 Open Source Web3 Projects Worth Checking Out in 2024


2022 witnessed a significant rise in interest in Web3 and blockchain development, followed by a decline in the latter part of the year. Many hyped projects lost traction. However, amidst this bear market, the committed developers and builders solving real problems with innovative solutions have emerged.

I want to showcase some outstanding open-source projects in the Web3 space that you should explore in 2024, as I spend my days analyzing Web3 projects.

Why Open-Source Matters

Open-source software enhances accessibility, fosters collaboration, and reduces costs. It enables developers and users to collaborate without explicitly trusting each other, aligning with the collaborative nature of Web3, and empowers creators to develop solutions at a friendlier cost.

Collaboration Over Code

The open-source nature of Web3 is reshaping the tech landscape, leading to the diminishing advantage derived solely from code. Brands will need to find new ways to differentiate themselves, with community building becoming increasingly important.

Creator-Friendly Cost

Web3 prioritizes fair compensation for creators and open-source software provides a cost-effective alternative for usage and development, enabling more creators to develop solutions.

Open Source Social Media

Developers are striving to democratize social media with decentralized platforms. Here are a few noteworthy open-source projects:


An open-source, decentralized social media platform that allows users to form their own communities and leverage a protocol for federated social networks.


A relatively new open-source social media platform built on top of IPFS, enabling users to store data on a distributed network.

Open Source Crypto Wallets

A crypto wallet is the passport for accessing Web3 dApps. Here’s a popular open-source project:


A browser extension wallet that facilitates storing, sending, and receiving Ethereum-based tokens and supports cryptocurrency storage, buying, and swapping.

Open Source Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Open-source alternatives are gaining attention in the crypto exchange space:


A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on the Ethereum blockchain, using an Automated Market Maker (AMM) to facilitate trades without order books or centralized entities.


An open-source cryptocurrency exchange platform enabling users to create their own decentralized exchanges with a range of features.

Open Source Decentralized Storage

Brands are emerging in decentralized file storage, offering lower costs and faster transfer times:


A decentralized storage platform powered by its own cryptocurrency, offering secure and distributed data storage with blockchain technology and encryption features.

Web3 is Built on Collaboration

Collaboration and community are the foundation of many Web3 projects, providing ample opportunities for individuals to get involved and contribute in various ways.

For additional insight into Web3 projects and brands, visit Decent Reviews, and feel free to let us know if you’d like another compilation piece like this in the future.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by ThisIsEngineering; Pexels; Thank you

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