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Epic Games Store embraces blockchain games, welcomes back Gods Unchained


Epic Games Store has made a significant policy change by allowing the NFT card game Gods Unchained to return to its platform. This decision reflects a major shift in the gaming industry’s stance on blockchain technology, as reported by NFT Premier, the creator of Fortnite.

Previously, Gods Unchained and Striker Manager 3 were removed from the Epic Games Store after receiving an “Adults Only” rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board. These games were given the AO rating due to their play-to-earn elements involving NFTs or crypto tokens with real-world value.

The ESRB’s rating system takes into account whether a product offers rewards with real-world value, including cryptocurrency. This led to Gods Unchained receiving the AO rating, as it allows players to earn NFTs or crypto tokens through gameplay.

Epic Games’ revised policy now permits games with an AO rating on its platform, provided that the rating is solely due to the inclusion of blockchain or NFT technology. This marks a significant departure from the stance of major gaming platforms like Xbox and PlayStation, which generally do not distribute AO-rated games.

The decision to allow blockchain games with an AO rating on the Epic Games Store marks a breakthrough for the blockchain gaming community. It not only widens the audience for these games but also acknowledges the innovative potential of NFTs and cryptocurrencies within gaming experiences.

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