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Wormhole gets $225M in funding, largest crypto Raise of 2024


The team behind Wormhole, a leading blockchain messaging protocol, has successfully raised $225 million in a recent funding round. This marks the largest funding round for any crypto project in 2024. According to a report by Fortune, this investment values Wormhole at $2.5 billion and comes from a diverse group of top crypto investors, including Brevan Howard, Coinbase Ventures, Multicoin Capital, and Jump Trading.

Wormhole allows developers to communicate across different blockchains, making interoperability and cross-chain functionality possible. The protocol, introduced in 2021, is used by several DeFi applications for transferring data and assets between blockchains.

The Funding Structure Utilized Token Warrants

The funding round was structured entirely in token warrants rather than equity. This means investors are entitled to a portion of the total supply of Wormhole’s upcoming governance token, the details of which have not yet been disclosed. The funding will be divided between the newly established entities Wormhole Labs and the Wormhole Foundation to further develop the protocol.

This funding round marks a new chapter for Wormhole following its separation from Jump Trading, the crypto arm of the high-frequency trading pioneer. Wormhole was originally incubated within Jump Crypto for several years before being spun out. The separation comes amid a downsizing of Jump Crypto’s US crypto operations due to regulatory scrutiny.

“I think this funding round is an eye-popping number for people, so it forces people to reassess,” said Saeed Badreg, CEO of Wormhole Labs. The team aims to utilize the capital to expand hiring, enhance the protocol’s capabilities, and drive further adoption.

The Funding Reflects Overcoming Challenges

Wormhole has overcome previous challenges, including a $320 million hack in early 2022. The funds were promptly restored by Jump Crypto but attracted negative attention. With core developers now entirely focused on advancing Wormhole, the team aims to shift the narrative forward.

“This is very positive, […] and almost like a new beginning for Wormhole,” said Robinson Burkey, Chief Commercial Officer of the Wormhole Foundation. The funding round and the establishment of Wormhole Labs confirm the protocol’s ability to thrive independently and fulfill its mission to connect blockchains.

Featured Image Credit: Anna Nekrashevich; Pexels

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