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Video game industry and its workers are grappling with AI


This year, the video game industry is coming to terms with how artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting its operations. There is a concerted effort to ensure that any changes are beneficial, especially within the emerging unions in the industry, according to Aftermath.

Square Enix revealed their proactive stance on AI at the start of the year, although their collaboration with Rare, the developers of Apex Legends, has faced allegations of AI usage. Similarly, Wizards of the Coast has received criticism for using AI-generated art without informing fans.

Game developers and performers are teaming up to assert their stance. The game workers’ union at Zenimax, part of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), announced an agreement with Microsoft in December, pledging to use AI to enhance human productivity, growth, and satisfaction responsibly, without causing harm to workers.

Video game developers are negotiating to protect their jobs from AI

Conor O’Donnell, a tester and union member, emphasized to Aftermath, “We want to ensure that AI is centered around people and workers, respecting their work and their rights.” Another member of the Zenimax union, Dylan Burton, stated, “We have agreed that AI will not be used to replace a person’s job but only to assist existing roles, without reducing positions or replacing open positions.”

Claude Cummings Jr, the president of CWA, considers these negotiations crucial for safeguarding workers’ rights. In a statement to Aftermath, he said, “My hope is that, whether it’s in the gaming or telecommunications industry, we can set standards to prevent job loss due to AI.”

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