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Meet Meural, Fine Art on My Walls at Home


When I first started looking for something beautiful to decorate my bedroom wall, I never realized how much it would impact my life. As I explored options, I also wanted to find a piece to hang above the desk in the den, and eventually, in the living room where we and our friends spend most of our time. Whether seeking personal inspiration or wanting to showcase my taste to friends, artwork fulfilled all these needs. That’s when I came across Meural.

“Life Imitates Art” – But Do You Want It To?

Thomas Merton once said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” However, in the workplace, I wanted my colleagues to focus on their tech projects and tasks. Despite the many benefits of art, I decided to simply hang up a Meural and observe the impact.

The Baby Bum In The Bathtub

For those of us who grew up surrounded by rotating family pictures inside frames, this feeling might be familiar. The challenge was to quickly toss your backpack in front of it as you entered the house, fervently hoping that no one would see your toddler-self in the bathtub. With Meural, you’re welcome to embrace even the less polished moments, like a baby-bum picture, if you wish. However, I found the best place for our Meural was in our office setting.

A Way to Connect and Embrace Culture in the Office Setting

The Meural captivated everyone in the office, with each person having their own ideas about what should appear on the screen. Eventually, we agreed that each person could suggest five items to add to the frame.

As the one in charge of the office atmosphere, I felt it was important to feature inspiring entrepreneurial sayings, quotes, and pictures. My mind raced with a wide variety of motivational and stimulating quotes, although I may have exceeded the limit of five. But, hey, I was the boss.

The Team

One team in our co-working office space featured uplifting quotes, while a woman added a canvas painting from an online art museum. Somebody else discovered that you could add a selfie to the Meural from your phone – and indeed, you can.

What About Offensive Pictures, Displays, Items

One person was offended by a painting of ballerinas, wondering if it belonged in a tech environment. Yet, it became clear that everything had a place in the tech world, including photos by Ansel Adams, quotes from Shakespeare, and a variety of other images and sculptures.

Moreover, if you dislike a particular piece, you can simply swipe your hand in front of it and the picture will change instantly. The Meural even learns your preferences and adjusts the display as you enter the room.

You Can’t Please Everyone

While it’s said that you can’t please everyone, this doesn’t hold true for the Meural display. In the office, every person ended up adding more than five items, with some contributing up to 25. I personally added 50 quotes, unapologetically placing my own selection of exhilarating, heartening, and modern quotes on the display.

It was surprising to realize that, despite working together for years, I didn’t really know these people. The Meural brought out stories and personal insights that had never been shared before, fostering a deeper sense of connection among colleagues.

Let’s Add To This

Meural offers a wide range of software for finding and displaying a plethora of content. But the true magic lies in how employees have contributed to this collection of fascinating thoughts, images, and items, enhancing the co-working space’s art collection.

As I glance over, I see a plain bright yellow background with the words “GET – A POO EMOJI – DONE.” It may not be conventionally cute, but it’s certainly cool. The diverse range of art displayed on the Meural speaks to different people in the room, ultimately helping us stay focused and productive.

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