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The Freelance Entrepreneur’s Guide to Surviving In The World of IoT


Freelancing is often referred to as the on-demand economy, where businesses hire independent contractors for specific tasks instead of traditional employees. This is a cost-effective and popular solution for shorter-term projects. However, there is a shift away from hiring freelancers in some companies. This trend poses a challenge for freelance workers in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) world, making competition increasingly fierce.

Despite this competition, opportunities for freelance work will continue to exist. However, freelancers will need to work harder to secure projects as the number of available opportunities decreases, particularly in the tech industry.

This guide is designed to help freelancers succeed in this gig-based economy, regardless of how competitive it becomes.

Enhance Your Communication Skills

Communication is not just about exchanging words and ideas; it’s about ensuring that your message is clearly understood by others. Improving your communication skills is crucial, especially when dealing with clients who may not be tech-savvy in today’s IoT-centric world. Avoid rushing your responses and focus on clear and precise communication.

Limit Your Social Media Sharing

Clients are likely to search for you on social media. Be mindful of the content you share, as controversial or offensive posts can deter potential clients.

Use Data Security Best Practices

It is your responsibility to protect clients’ sensitive data, even if they do not specifically request it. Avoid outsourcing tasks without permission and always inform the client when transmitting sensitive data to a third party over the internet.

Choose Workspaces Wisely

If you need to work from public spaces, prioritize locations with secure Wi-Fi, avoid paying for workspace every hour, refrain from working in familiar places, and consider a designated coworking space for a structured environment.

Protect Your Time with Boundaries

Value your time and establish boundaries for interacting with others. Avoid unscheduled phone calls during business hours and clearly communicate your availability for scheduled calls.

Be Strategic with Pro Bono Work

If you decide to offer pro bono work, ensure there is a fair exchange of value and consider sending a professional invoice to maintain the value of your services.

Stay Up-to-Date with Technology Trends

Keeping up with the latest technology trends will enhance your perceived knowledge and value to clients.

Hire a Tax Professional

Consider hiring a tax professional to navigate complex tax rules and prevent errors on your tax returns.

Create a Productive Home Working Environment

Focus on the layout of your workspace and ensure your home working environment promotes productivity.

Embrace Growth Opportunities

Push yourself and take on projects beyond your perceived abilities to continue learning and growing as a freelancer.

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