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Google’s Gemini AI coming to Samsung’s Galaxy S24


Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S24, will be equipped with Google’s latest AI model, Gemini. This collaboration was announced jointly by the two tech giants.

In a press release, Google explained how the S24 range will benefit from Gemini Pro, which is the middle offering of the AI feature, alongside Gemini Ultra and Gemini Nano. These three models are tailored for different uses, depending on the specific task at hand.

Gemini Pro will power Samsung’s Notes, Voice Recorder, and Keyboard apps, enhancing them with “better summarization features”. For example, it will allow users to record a lecture on Voice Recorder and receive a summary of the key details later on.

Gemini Nano will also be integrated into the S24, specifically in Google Messages, introducing the Magic Compose feature, which will generate messages in styles such as “excited,” “formal,” and “lyrical” without needing an internet connection.

Samsung and Google’s AI collaboration is just getting started

Samsung has been confirmed as one of the initial partners to test Gemini Ultra before it becomes widely available to developers later this year, indicating a potential further upgrade for the new smartphone series.

AI advancements have led to the introduction of new features such as Circle to Search, which will allow users to search for anything on their Android handset without switching between apps. With this technology, users can select images, videos, or text on their phone with a simple gesture to search for almost anything visible on the device.

Android Auto will also be capable of summarizing lengthy messages and suggesting relevant replies, making communication easier and less time-consuming while on the road.

Google expressed excitement about the potential for collaboration with Samsung for Android and the Galaxy S4 series, with a promise of more to come.

Image credit, Google press release

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