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How AI and Tech Personal Assistants Will Make Your Life Easier


Personal assistants are no longer just for the wealthy, thanks to AI and emerging technologies. Siri, Google, Alexa, and Google Home are all well-known options, providing services such as researching information, playing music, and providing directions through simple voice commands. Real human personal assistants are also becoming more accessible due to various emerging technologies and AI.

Here are some ways AI and tech can bring a personal assistant within your reach:

  1. Use a personal assistant to simplify moving.

Services like Moved provide a free moving concierge to manage tasks such as hiring movers and buying insurance, while Amazon Home Services offers assistance with packing and unpacking.

  1. Use a personal shopper to avoid grocery store trips.

Services like Instacart provide personal shoppers who can deliver your groceries from a variety of stores on the same day, saving you time and effort.

  1. Use a personal shopper who understands your style and budget.

Tech services like Stitch Fix can offer a more convenient and personalized experience by hand-picking items for you and delivering them to your home based on your profile.

  1. Use a digital pharmacy for prescription delivery.

Digital platforms like Medly Pharmacy can deliver prescription medications to your door, managing everything, including refills and insurance, and offering access to trained pharmacists.

  1. Rely on AI for personalized travel assistance.

AI-powered apps like Mezi can act as personal travel assistants, providing recommendations and making arrangements for flights, hotels, and restaurants based on your preferences.

With these tech-driven alternatives, you can access the assistance you need without requiring the resources of a wealthy individual. Whether it’s moving, grocery shopping, fashion advice, medication, or travel planning, these options can provide the helping hand you need.

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