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35 ChatGPT Prompts to Help with Marketing Your Startup


In the fast-moving digital age of today, startups need more than just a great product; they require innovative marketing strategies. But how can artificial intelligence change the way startups promote themselves, especially with tools like ChatGPT?

How can ChatGPT transform your startup’s marketing approach?

What unique marketing advantages do AI-generated prompts offer?

Are you making the most of ChatGPT’s potential?

The following ChatGPT prompts will provide numerous ideas for using ChatGPT in your marketing efforts.

But first, here’s what NOT to use ChatGPT for:

  • Creating content from scratch (content should rely on your or your team’s expertise and experience in the specific niche and target audience)
  • Conducting keyword research (specialized keyword research tools should be used for this purpose)

With this in mind, let’s explore how to use ChatGPT to enhance the creativity and effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Train ChatGPT to Suit Your Business Better

ChatGPT responds well to instructions in your prompt, but its responses may be very generic unless you provide extensive instructions or additional guidance within the same conversation.

There are two ways to train ChatGPT to deliver improved and more personalized responses aligned with your objectives, profession, or business:

1. Provide “Custom Instructions” (Premium Only)

Custom instructions compel ChatGPT to tailor its responses to your business goals, background, or industry. Note that custom instructions are currently exclusively available to paying users.

You can input your instructions such as:

  • Details about your business and product, highlighting its selling points, use cases, differentiation from alternative products, and how it should be positioned in relevant content. Include your targeted keywords here.
  • Specification of the style and tone for responses (e.g., professional, casual, neutral, opinionated), as well as instructions regarding the content each article should contain, etc.

Once saved, ChatGPT will incorporate these custom instructions into every response by default, as soon as you create a new conversation. Any edits to your custom instructions will necessitate the creation of a new ChatGPT thread for their implementation.

2. Create a Dedicated Chat Thread With Your Product or Business Details

If you haven’t upgraded your ChatGPT account, you can still train it by maintaining a dedicated chat session with your startup or product details. Keep in mind that ChatGPT is unable to reference information across different threads, so confine your discussions within a single thread.

ChatGPT features the “Chat history” setting, set to “On” by default, which is purported to aid in its training process:

You can bookmark the specific chat used for training your ChatGPT. To obtain a direct link to any chat,

  • Access the “Share” option
  • Click the “Copy link” button, open a new browser tab using that link, and bookmark it

Now that ChatGPT possesses a greater understanding of your startup and products, it’s time to employ it for various marketing tasks.

ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media

  1. This is my article “TEXT.” Generate 10 tweets, 1 detailed Facebook post, and one detailed LinkedIn update to promote this article on social media. Include relevant hashtags and emojis.
  2. This is my article “TEXT.” Create an engaging tweet that adds value to my content, intended to be embedded into my content as an introduction.
  3. My article is about “ARTICLE TITLE.” I plan to promote it on Instagram. Create a captivating photo caption to entice my followers to read the article.
  4. Create 10 tweets to announce my product launch on Twitter. For each tweet, showcase my product in a new context by describing different features and/or use cases each time.
  5. Generate 10 tweets to express gratitude to my customers for positive mentions on Twitter. Keep them succinct yet distinctive.
  6. I need to instruct my social media team on responding to dissatisfied customers. Generate social media messages exhibiting empathy and shifting the conversation away from public feeds.
  7. Create a Twitter thread addressing a “PROBLEM,” subtly suggesting my product as a solution.
  8. Propose ideas for “Happy Holidays” posts on Facebook that subtly promote my product in a festive context.
  9. This is a case study/testimonial from my customer “CASE STUDY/TESTIMONIAL.” Transform it into tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn posts, and Instagram captions for me to repurpose on social media.
  10. Create social-media-friendly calls-to-action that promote my product without sounding overly promotional.

ChatGPT Prompts for Video Marketing

  1. My video centers around “VIDEO TITLE AND TOPIC.” Create a video description for me to upload to YouTube. Include relevant CTAs to drive viewers to my site.
  2. This is my article “TEXT.” Craft a video/podcast script for me to repackage it into a video.
  3. Here’s my video script, “SCRIPT.” Please devise a video title and description for me to upload to YouTube.
  4. Create a series of video episodes targeting “KEYWORD,” with each video addressing a different aspect of the problem to build anticipation for the subsequent episode.
  5. I am conducting an interview with an expert on “TOPIC.” Suggest compelling questions to ensure an engaging conversation.

ChatGPT Prompts for PPC

It is recommended to utilize these prompts within the same thread to accumulate more data and ideas based on your initial keyword list.

  1. Categorize my keywords “KEYWORD LIST” based on meaning and search intent to facilitate the setup of multiple PPC campaigns. Present the categorization in a table format, incorporating the search volume for each keyword in a separate column and estimating the minimum monthly budget for each campaign based on the search volume.
  2. Associate a persona with each PPC campaign in the table above.
  3. Utilizing the table above, compose ad copy for each campaign.
  4. I intend to expand this campaign to Facebook using its remarketing feature. For each campaign, devise a compelling Facebook ad copy to effectively retarget individuals who visited my site.
  5. For Campaign #4 above, devise Facebook targeting settings to reach this persona using Facebook ads.
  6. I am developing a landing page targeting Campaign #4 in the table above. Employ power words, headlines, and CTAs to effectively engage these personas.

ChatGPT Prompts for Content Brainstorming

  1. My target keyword is “KEYWORD.” Generate content ideas targeting individuals who aren’t specifically searching for that keyword but may still be interested in my product (e.g., they are not familiar with this concept yet). Omit “KEYWORD” from your ideation.
  2. Create content ideas designed to appeal to bloggers and journalists. Recommend survey, report, or whitepaper ideas to generate backlinks from publishers.
  3. This is my article “TEXT.” Generate takeaways and key points to enhance my article’s value and usefulness.
  4. This is my article “TEXT.” Devise a more compelling title and create improved subheadings to encourage deeper reading.
  5. This is my article “TEXT.” What additional content or enhancements would improve it?
  6. This is my article. Craft a FAQ section for inclusion at the end of the article. Use FAQ Schema to secure FAQPage rich snippets in Google.

Tip: Text Optimizer integrates AI to produce semantically optimized answers to various questions. This is particularly useful when creating a standalone Knowledge Base on your website.

ChatGPT Prompts for Conversion Optimization

  1. This is a case study/testimonial from my customer “CASE STUDY/TESTIMONIAL.” Generate key takeaways summarizing how my customer benefited from my product.
  2. This is my landing page content, “CONTENT.” How can I enhance my copy and headings to improve its conversion rate?
  3. Assist me in crafting a cart abandonment email to increase sales from customers who left their shopping carts without completing a purchase. Provide several email subject variations for me to choose from.

ChatGPT Prompts for Branding

  1. Develop a brief yet captivating slogan for my brand to convey the essence of my product in a memorable context.
  2. Generate ideas for potential partnerships to explore co-marketing opportunities.
  3. Here’s my current “About” page. Enhance it by emphasizing our experience, accomplishments, and value proposition.
  4. How should I position my product to effectively highlight its unique selling points and establish a strong connection with my brand name?
  5. I am in the process of selecting a domain name and require catchy brand name ideas that establish clear associations with a specific niche. The business should be easily identifiable from the name.

Tip: Namify incorporates AI to assist in brainstorming brand names, suggesting available domain names, and checking name availability across social media platforms.

ChatGPT Prompts for Customer Support

  1. My keywords are “KEYWORD LIST.” Develop customer personas based on this list to enable my customer support team to better relate to and understand their needs and challenges.
  2. Compose an email expressing gratitude to my customers for a recent purchase and offer them a discount for future purchases.
  3. I am training my customer support team. Provide challenging scenarios for me to quiz them on (along with the best resolution for these situations).
  4. Generate ideas to re-engage inactive customers (those who haven’t made a purchase in the last 6 months). For each tactic, where applicable, create an email, social media update, or message that would be effective.
  5. I am configuring the chatbot workflow to improve its ability to assist my customers. Recommend potential questions to include in the workflow.

Tip: If you are leveraging AI-driven customer support solutions such as IVR or IVA, you can use ChatGPT to train those platforms as well.


The 30 prompts above are just a glimpse into a world where brands and customers seamlessly communicate, bridging gaps in real-time. As you integrate these prompts into your startup’s marketing strategy, always remember that genuine interaction and understanding your audience contribute to the real magic of marketing.

Ultimately, ChatGPT, with its versatile capabilities, aids in achieving your marketing goals by prioritizing creative SEO and social media strategies that require unique expertise and inventiveness, while ChatGPT handles everything else! Embrace the future, and let your startup stand out!

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Matheus Bertelli; Pexels; Thank you!

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