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Leading B2B2C Startups to Watch in December


Startups come in different forms, and they are designed to tackle specific challenges and meet different needs. They typically fall into three categories: (1) Business to Business (B2B) startups, (2) Business to Consumer (B2C) startups, and (3) Business to Business to Consumer.

B2B2C tech startups, which connect businesses and consumers, are poised to lead the way in the digital age. What’s behind this trend? It’s the realization that this unexplored territory offers numerous advantages.

Leading B2B2C Startups

One compelling aspect of the B2B2C model is its potential for significant business growth. By serving both businesses and consumers, these startups can access dual revenue streams, accelerating their growth. This dual focus also enhances their resilience, as they are less dependent on a single market segment, thereby reducing risk.

Collaborating with established businesses boosts the credibility of B2B2C startups, while their streamlined approach provides unmatched convenience to customers. By partnering with other businesses, these startups can focus on their core expertise and gain quicker access to new customers by tapping into existing customer bases.

In the unexplored territory of tech startups, B2B2C models offer an exciting path to explore untapped markets and address unmet needs, positioning them as innovators in the digital era. But what do these B2B2C tech startups look like? Here are some standout ones that are breaking barriers and tapping into new opportunities:

Coho AI

Coho AI is a game-changer in the SaaS industry, offering a solution to the challenge of making data-driven decisions. This startup utilizes cohort analysis to bring clarity and purpose to the vast sea of SaaS data. Its advanced AI platform provides unique access to customer journey metrics and upselling opportunities.

With Coho AI’s platform, SaaS and B2C companies can optimize user acquisition by identifying promising user cohorts and customizing their product experience. As users transition into high-value clients, the platform seamlessly supports enterprise sales by providing comprehensive data for personalized experiences. Coho AI represents the future of data-driven growth in the SaaS industry, offering insights into the potential of PLG and AI-driven strategies. Its innovative approach is set to shape the future of data-driven growth as technology and data become increasingly abundant.


Bright.md is revolutionizing healthcare with its asynchronous telehealth solution. This innovation significantly enhances efficiency for patients and providers, leading to improved patient satisfaction and streamlined healthcare delivery. By virtually treating low-acuity conditions, Bright.md reduces administrative burdens on providers, enabling them to focus on delivering quality care.

They have shortened patient interview times to 13 minutes, resulting in a 35% reduction in ER and urgent care visits, ultimately lowering the cost of care for common conditions. In a healthcare landscape where consumers seek convenience, Bright.md is a game-changer, providing accessible, consumer-centered care and redefining the patient-provider experience. The company’s leadership is evident in its comprehensive patient interviews, clinical support, and user-friendly digital navigation. Bright.md is setting the course for the future of asynchronous telehealth.


dv01 leads the way in structured finance, bridging the gap between lenders and capital markets. Their comprehensive platform offers standardized loan-level data and integrated analytics tools, eliminating inefficiencies from legacy systems. These outdated technologies have obscured true loan performance, hindered trust, and hindered strategic opportunities. As a one-stop shop, dv01 standardizes raw data and transforms it into actionable insights, empowering clients across the finance spectrum to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

By prioritizing data integrity, they provide transparency across asset classes and dataset types, fostering trust and efficiency in the market. With the participation of over 400 leading firms, dv01 is at the forefront of reshaping structured finance with modern technology and data solutions.


Mahmee is at the forefront of maternal support, offering comprehensive pregnancy and postpartum care at a fixed monthly price. With a dedicated team of healthcare professionals, including nurses, doulas, lactation consultants, mental health coaches, nutritionists, and care coordinators, Mahmee provides all-inclusive care to address clients’ unique needs 24/7.

Their flexible options cover virtual and in-person visits, private messaging, classes, and data-driven care, ensuring clients’ peace of mind during this important journey. Mahmee’s innovative approach simplifies maternity care, unifying an expert team that supports clients at every stage. It offers timely and proactive care, ultimately enhancing clients’ maternity experience and making it more convenient, cost-effective, and reassuring. With memberships, clients can save over $1,000 monthly compared to purchasing these services individually, making Mahmee a game-changer in maternal care and empowering every parent on their journey.

Scipher Medicine

Scipher Medicine is working to combat the $552 billion wasted annually on ineffective drug prescriptions. They use individual molecular data to prescribe the right therapy, saving money and improving lives. Their groundbreaking blood-based molecular signature test enables providers and payers to make precise treatment decisions, reducing wasteful spending.

Built on over a decade of experimental research, their platform truly represents disease biology. Scipher Medicine’s precision medicine approach identifies unique disease signatures, predicts drug responses, and uncovers novel drug targets. With an expanding database, Scipher Medicine continues to refine its insights and impact the autoimmune disease market with tests like PrismRA, ensuring every patient receives the right therapy from day one. This company is revolutionizing drug prescriptions and shaping the future of healthcare.


In essence, B2B2C companies, such as the ones featured in this article, involve a close partnership between two companies to deliver products and services to people. These companies epitomize the concept of B2B2C, connecting businesses and consumers in a way that enhances experiences, streamlines processes, and yields meaningful outcomes.

This model has gained popularity due to the benefits it offers to businesses and consumers alike. That’s why numerous innovative startups are developing new solutions in various areas and breaking into new markets in the B2B2C arena – all with the goal of addressing every challenge and problem through innovative solutions.

As technology continues to evolve, the impact of these pioneers is not only felt today but also provides a glimpse of the transformative potential that lies ahead in the future of business and consumer interactions.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Canva Studio; Pexels; Thank you!

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