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Raft: The AI-Powered Platform That’s Disrupting the Freight Industry


Established in 2017, Raft, previously known as Vector.ai, has transitioned from machine learning to artificial intelligence, demonstrating its commitment to technological advancement and innovative solutions.

The recent $30 million Series B funding, led by Eight Roads VC and supported by Bessemer Venture Partners, Episode 1, Dynamo Ventures, and Moguntia Capital, reflects investor confidence in Raft’s AI-powered logistics revolution.

Raft aims to help logistics firms improve efficiency and customer service through AI, offering automated processes and advanced algorithms to enhance productivity and decision-making.

Recognizing the labor-intensive nature of accounts payable reconciliation in logistics, Raft’s AI-driven solution automates and streamlines the process to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Additionally, Raft simplifies customs entry and enhances warehouse operations through AI-driven automation.

Raft’s automated reservation confirmation and customer-facing shipment portal foster transparency and collaboration in the logistics ecosystem. EMO Trans, OIA Global, The Scarbrough Group, NNR Global Logistics, and Navia Freight serve as industry leaders engaged with Raft, affirming its ability to address critical logistics challenges.

Praised for its innovative approach and immediate customer benefits, Raft’s recent funding and expanding client base position it to shape the future of freight logistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Raft, and what are its main focuses?

A: Raft, formerly known as Vector.ai, is a company dedicated to revolutionizing the logistics sector through the use of AI-powered solutions. Raft provides innovative tools and platforms that help logistics companies improve efficiency, decision-making, and customer service.

Q: What recent funding did Raft secure, and who were the investors?

A: Raft recently raised $30 million in Series B funding, led by Eight Roads VC. Other investors involved in the funding round include Bessemer Venture Partners, Episode 1, Dynamo Ventures, and Moguntia Capital. This significant investment reflects investors’ confidence in Raft’s ability to drive innovation in the logistics industry.

Q: What are some of the key features of Raft’s AI-powered solutions?

A: Raft offers various features that help logistics companies enhance their operations. These include automated accounts payable reconciliation, streamlined customs entry processes, AI-based automated warehouse storage solutions, automated reservation confirmation, and customer-facing shipment portals that increase transparency and collaboration.

Q: How does Raft’s solution improve accounts payable reconciliation in logistics?

A: Raft’s AI-driven solution automates and streamlines the accounts payable reconciliation process in the logistics sector, reducing manual labor and minimizing errors. This improves financial processes and ensures greater accuracy and efficiency.

Q: What benefits does Raft provide in customs entry processes?

A: Raft’s AI-powered solution simplifies and automates crucial steps in customs entry processes, ensuring compliance, reducing human error, and saving time. By streamlining the process, Raft enables logistics companies to allocate more resources to core business activities while maintaining accuracy and efficiency.

Q: How does Raft improve warehouse operations in the logistics industry?

A: Raft offers an AI-based automated storage solution that helps logistics companies optimize inventory management, cut costs, and accelerate order processing. By leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and real-time data analysis, Raft enhances warehouse efficiency and improves overall logistics performance.

Q: What benefits does Raft’s automated reservation confirmation provide?

A: Raft’s AI-powered solution automates the confirmation of reservations, eliminating human errors and saving time. This ensures efficient communication between all parties involved in the logistics process, allowing logistics companies to serve their clients better and resolve any issues promptly.

Q: Who are some of Raft’s notable clients in the logistics industry?

A: Raft has secured partnerships with influential companies in the logistics sector, including EMO Trans, OIA Global, The Scarbrough Group, NNR Global Logistics, and Navia Freight. These partnerships showcase Raft’s ability to deliver immediate benefits and solve logistics challenges for industry leaders.

Featured Image Credit: Paul Teysen; Unsplash; Thank you!

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