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Sisyphus Table: Where Art and Technology Merge


In Greek mythology, Sisyphus, the King of Corinth, was sentenced to an eternity of pushing a large stone up a hill in Hades, only for it to roll back down each time he reached the top.

However, the Sisyphus Table provides a different experience. It serves as both a meditative kinetic sculpture and a functional side or coffee table. This customizable piece, beloved by art, technology, and furniture enthusiasts, has been showcased in museums around the world and is now available for home enjoyment. The table features a metal ball that moves through the sand inside, creating and recreating various patterns.

The Artist

The Sisyphus Table is designed and crafted by Bruce Shapiro, an artist known for his 25 years of creating kinetic art for museums worldwide. He is the pioneer in bringing kinetic art sculptures into home environments.

Customization Options

The table offers numerous customization options to suit individual preferences and home decor. The company’s website allows users to explore various design choices, similar to configuring a vehicle on a manufacturer’s website, enabling them to visualize their selected options before making a purchase decision.

Customers can select the base for the side or coffee table, with prices starting at $1,299 for the side table and $1,899 for the coffee table. Additionally, a variety of veneers and kinetic art area features are available for further customization.

The Driving Technology Force: Sisbot

Beneath the glass top of each table lies Sisbot, a hand-built robot with two motors that control a magnet to move a metal ball through programmed paths using polar coordinates.

Stepper motors are used in metal-base Sisyphus tables for their precision, while larger wood-base tables employ servo motors, allowing faster coverage of a larger sand area.

A Kinetic Playlist

The Sisyphus Table arrives with 25 pre-programmed tracks to create kinetic art. Its operation can be controlled through a web browser and Wi-Fi connection or via the company’s iOS or Android mobile app, which allows users to customize the art’s speed, pause the motion, adjust lighting, and create their own designs using Adobe Illustrator.

Fast Set Up

The setup process is straightforward and can be completed within minutes by downloading the company’s app from the iTunes or Google Play store and connecting it to the table. Video tutorials are also available for additional assistance.

Overall Impressions

The Sisyphus Table is a high-tech, artful creation designed for tech-savvy art enthusiasts with a generous budget. Each table is handcrafted, offering a unique and special piece for owners or as a gift.

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