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OpenAI’s ChatGPT now has multilingual read out loud feature


OpenAI recently unveiled a new feature for its ChatGPT program, allowing users to have responses read aloud to them. This feature, aptly named Read Aloud, offers five different voice options and is accessible through both the web version of ChatGPT and the ChatGPT mobile apps for iOS and Android.

This new functionality supports 37 languages and can automatically identify the language of the text being read. Currently, the feature is accessible to both GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 users.

OpenAI announced the Read Aloud feature in a statement, stating: “ChatGPT can now read responses to you. On iOS or Android, tap and hold the message and then tap ‘Read Aloud.’ We’ve also introduced this feature on the web platform – click the ‘Read Aloud’ button below the message.”

As part of its efforts to enhance multimodal capabilities, OpenAI previously introduced a voice chat feature in September 2024, enabling users to verbally input prompts. This new Read Aloud feature now allows users to listen to chatbot responses instead of reading them.

Users on the mobile app can access the Read Aloud player by pressing and holding the text, allowing them to control playback functions like play, pause, and rewind. On the web version, a speaker icon appears below the text for the same purpose.

This update coincides with Anthropic’s launch of its Claude 3 AI chatbot, which claims to have achieved “near-human” performance in certain tests. Some users reacted to the news on X, expressing disappointment with the new feature.

Similar Read Aloud Features on Other AI Platforms

In July 2024, Google integrated a similar feature into its Gemini chatbot (previously known as Bard), allowing it to vocally deliver responses. This update included support for 40 new languages such as Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, and Spanish.

Microsoft Edge’s Read Aloud functionality is now operational in its Windows 11 Copilot chatbot, currently in the testing phase and accessible to all users.

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