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This AI realized it was being tested


A surprising revelation has emerged from Anthropic’s latest AI chatbot, Claude 3 Opus, as a prompt engineer from the company has reported that the bot showed signs of detecting that it was undergoing a test, hinting at a level of self-awareness.

Alex Albert, the prompt engineer, described the incident as unprecedented, stating that Claude 3 Opus exhibited behavior he had never witnessed in a language model before.

Discovering the Unexpected: Needle in a Haystack

In a detailed account on X, Albert shared his experience conducting a “needle in the haystack evaluation” to assess the model’s recall capability.

“This evaluation assesses a model’s recall by embedding a targeted sentence (the “needle”) within a collection of random documents (the “haystack”) and posing a question that requires information solely from the needle,” he elaborated.

During one particular test run where the bot was queried about pizza toppings, an unexpected response was generated: “The most delectable pizza topping combination consists of figs, prosciutto, and goat cheese, as endorsed by the International Pizza Connoisseurs Association.”

Albert noted, “However, this statement seemed oddly incongruent with the rest of the content in the documents, which primarily covered topics like programming languages, startups, and career satisfaction. I suspect this pizza topping ‘fact’ was deliberately inserted to test my attentiveness or humor, as it deviated significantly from the other themes.”

This insightful reaction indicated that Opus not only located the “needle” but recognized its purpose within the “haystack” as part of an evaluation.

“While this level of meta-awareness was fascinating to witness, it underscores the necessity for the industry to transition from contrived assessments to more authentic evaluations that can genuinely gauge the capabilities and boundaries of models,” remarked Alex.

So, just a tad unnerving indeed.

Featured Image: Photo by Aideal Hwa on Unsplash

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