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Adobe previews cutting-edge generative AI tools for custom audio


Adobe has introduced innovative experimental AI tools designed to transform the way individuals create and edit custom audio.

Known as Project Music GenAI Control, these tools enable users to generate original music by simply providing text prompts. Users can then customize the AI-generated audio according to their specific requirements.

These new tools are an extension of Adobe’s Firefly image generation system, which has already generated over six billion images. Adobe describes Project Music GenAI Control as a collaborative AI that assists users in creating tailored music and audio for endeavors such as podcasts and videos.

“Project Music GenAI Control transforms generative AI into your collaborative partner, aiding individuals in crafting music for their projects, whether they are broadcasters, podcasters, or anyone requiring audio tailored to specific moods, tones, and lengths,” said Nicholas Bryan, Senior Research Scientist at Adobe Research and one of the technology creators.

How does Adobe’s Project Music GenAI Control operate?

By entering a text prompt like “suspenseful rock” or “cheerful pop”, the AI produces a distinct audio clip. An intuitive interface then allows for detailed editing adjustments – including altering melodies, tempo, song structure, lengthening, remixing sections, and more. This offers users a level of control similar to Photoshop but tailored for audio waveforms rather than images.

These tools aim to streamline the process of creating custom intro/outro music and background audio. Instead of manually editing existing songs, Project Music GenAI Control simplifies the generation of precisely tailored audio.

This technology was developed in collaboration with researchers from UC San Diego and Carnegie Mellon University. The research team argues that AI co-creation can amplify human creativity as opposed to replacing it. The effectiveness of this approach remains to be seen.

Adobe emphasizes the importance of transparency and ethics, intending to include “nutrition label” metadata with AI-generated content to showcase its origins.

Featured image: Adobe

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