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GameScent: The AI-powered product which lets you smell your video game


Have you ever wanted to catch a whiff of roses while wandering through Skyrim or smell gunpowder during a shootout in Call of Duty? Your wish has come true with a new device called GameScent that lets you smell the action as you play video games.

Introducing GameScent

GameScent enhances the gaming experience by incorporating scents that correspond to the virtual environments players are immersed in. Created by a company named GameScent, this innovative gadget utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time audio cues from games to emit scents that match the on-screen events.

The product is dubbed as “the first AI-powered scent release system that synchronizes scents with your gameplay.”

The compact device connects to PCs, consoles, and VR headsets through HDMI or a 3.5mm audio jack. It contains interchangeable scent cartridges filled with fragrances like gunpowder, smoke, grass, and rain. When certain in-game sounds like gunshots or screeching tires are detected through the audio, GameScent releases a scent puff to bring an additional dimension to the gaming experience by engaging the sense of smell alongside visuals and audio.

GameScent also features a “Clean Air” cartridge to eliminate any residual scents between gaming sessions. Additional cartridges with scents such as sports arenas, blood, and fresh-cut grass will be available for separate purchase.

The company suggests that linking scents with games can reinforce memories and emotional ties to virtual worlds. While past endeavors have tried to introduce scent into movies and games, this affordable consumer device aims to make the concept more widespread.

Available Scents by GameScent

  • Gunfire
  • Explosion
  • Forest
  • Clean Air
  • Storm
  • Racing Cars
  • Coming soon: Blood
  • Coming soon: Ocean
  • Coming soon: Sport Arena
  • Coming soon: Fresh-cut grass

Price and Availability

GameScent can now be purchased from major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and GameStop for $149.99, with a regular price of $179.99.

Gamers attending the PAX East expo in Boston next month will have the opportunity to try out GameScent at the company’s exhibit booth.

Featured image: GameScent

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