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Ideogram: Free AI image generator rolls out text-in-image upgrade


Creating text within images using artificial intelligence (AI) has always been a challenge, but Ideogram 1.0 aims to change that narrative.

Claiming to be ‘the most advanced text-to-image model,’ Ideogram recently secured $80 million in Series A funding. This funding coincided with the startup’s launch of its first text-to-image generation platform and introduction of a new subscription model.

With a plethora of generative AI tools entering the market regularly, it is crucial to offer unique features to stand out. In a similar move, DALL-E took measures to safeguard its work in response to the expanding landscape.

One of Ideogram’s key features is its ability to insert readable text within AI-generated images, a task that many other models struggle with. Typically, AI-generated text in images appears as jumbled symbols or nonsensical words in random sequences.

Contrarily, Ideogram excels at producing coherent and relevant text within images, providing a competitive edge. The platform proposes that its text-rendering functionality can be used to create individualized memes, posters, and designs for various slogan products like T-shirts, birthday cards, logos, and more.

Another noteworthy feature of Ideogram is the Magic Prompt function, aiding users in crafting detailed prompts for their images. It functions akin to a chat assistant, providing guidance on refining prompts effectively.

How Ideogram Operates

Similar to tools like DALL-E and Midjourney, Ideogram requires users to input prompts and then click ‘generate’. Within 30 seconds, the tool produces four images, each presenting a distinct interpretation of the prompt. Subscribers can download and utilize the images freely, or adjust and generate new image sets until satisfied.

An account is necessary to access Ideogram, with a free account offering 100 images (equal to 25 prompts) daily. Upgrading to a basic account at $7 per month boosts the daily image allowance to 400, providing PNG-quality images and 1600 priority-generation images monthly. For $16 monthly, users gain unlimited daily images and 4000 priority-generation images per month. All subscription tiers allow unrestricted use of the generated images.

Featured image: Ideogram.ai

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