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The Top 12 Blockchain Speakers for 2022


If you’re wondering about the latest developments in the blockchain industry this year or how Bitcoin will respond to rising inflation, or perhaps what cryptocurrencies bring to the banking sector, or the future of NFTs and the Metaverse, you’re not alone. These burning questions along with many others will shape the evolution of Web 3.0, and there are individuals out there who appear to have a firm grasp on the answers.

Below is a compilation of twelve speakers who excel in elucidating Blockchain concepts to the modern world and the general public.

  1. Joel Comm

Joel Comm is renowned as the co-host of The Bad Crypto Podcast, a show that has been educating and entertaining audiences, from crypto enthusiasts to beginners, for over five years. As an early explorer of the NFT space back in late 2017, alongside his partner Travis Wright, Comm has created over 1.5 million NFTs. With a background as an Internet pioneer, experienced keynote speaker, and advisor to Fortune 500 companies, Joel has a talent for simplifying seemingly complex topics for easy comprehension. His distinctive sense of humor adds an extra layer of engagement, making his presentations memorable and clear.

  1. Natalie Brunell

Natalie Brunell is an Emmy Award-winning veteran TV news journalist and a lecturer at the University of Southern California. She hosts the Coin Stories podcast, focused on Bitcoin, and has been involved in the blockchain industry since 2017. Leveraging her journalism background, Brunell offers an analytical and practical view of the blockchain sector.

  1. Paul Brody

Paul Brody is the global blockchain leader at EY, overseeing efforts and investments across assurance, tax, consulting, and software development on a global scale in the field of blockchain technology. EY has been a significant contributor in developing tools and solutions for the Ethereum ecosystem, such as financial statement audit, supply chain management, emissions tracking, public sector finance, and DeFi solutions.

  1. Kristin Smith

Kristin Smith serves as the Executive Director of the Blockchain Association, representing some of the major players in the blockchain sector. She possesses a deep understanding of how lawmakers perceive blockchain and cryptocurrencies, their areas of concern, and their regulatory plans for the industry going forward.

  1. Marc Blinder

Marc Blinder is the CEO and co-founder of AIKON, a company dedicated to assisting businesses in utilizing public blockchains. Previously, he founded EMEA, which was acquired by Adobe for $400 million. The future of blockchain relies on mainstream companies understanding its benefits and the optimal ways to leverage the technology. Marc Blinder explains what these businesses should be aware of.

  1. Lizzy Fallon

While most blockchain speakers are experts from within the industry with practical knowledge of the technology and its progress, Lizzy Fallon brings a unique perspective from the legislative side of the industry. As a legislative assistant in the House of Representatives, she focuses on the Financial Services Committee, particularly in fintech and blockchain regulations. Additionally, Fallon is an active member of the bipartisan Blockchain Caucus.

  1. Andre De Castro

Andre De Castro, with a background in software engineering and a focus on fintech, has guided Fortune 500 clients in transitioning from complex systems to cryptocurrencies. The future of the blockchain industry hinges on large corporations embracing the technology and incorporating blockchain into their operations. De Castro comprehends the barriers holding them back and what they need to do to surmount their apprehensions.

  1. Josh Rosenthal

Josh Rosenthal, a historian specializing in the Renaissance and Reformation periods, has now transitioned his expertise to the blockchain sector. As the founder and partner at 6ixth Event, a founders’ fund focused on crypto-first projects, Rosenthal examines how communities apply decentralized technology. He possesses insights into the transformation that the blockchain industry is set to bring.

  1. Joshua Scigala

Joshua Scigala is the co-founder of TheStandard.io, a project dedicated to decentralized finance infrastructure. He aids individuals in creating stable cryptocurrencies through asset-backed loans without requiring middlemen. Additionally, he serves as the CIO of Vaultoro, a platform enabling users to trade their cryptocurrencies for gold or silver. Scigala is focused on introducing stability to assets notorious for their high volatility levels.

  1. Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is the acclaimed author of Mastering Bitcoin, a prized technical guide to Bitcoin, and The Internet of Money, a book delving into Bitcoin concepts. Antonopoulos also hosts the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast, expanding his insights on the foundational technology of blockchain, its strengths, challenges, and the importance of overcoming these hurdles.

  1. Eryka Gemma

Eryka Gemma is a key figure in Miami’s blockchain hub, one of the global centers for blockchain innovation. As the CEO of the Bitcoin Center Miami, she leads educational initiatives at the center. Gemma, a pilot who once endeavored to tokenize an aircraft fleet using blockchain, underscores how regions with deep understanding of the technology and its benefits are poised to drive blockchain’s advancement. Her Miami experience sheds light on how one locale is navigating this opportunity.

  1. Patrick Schwerdtfeger

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