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Wallet provider Trezor reports unauthorised phishing emails aimed at users


Users of the popular crypto wallet provider, Trezor, have been the victims of a phishing attack through fraudulent emails posing as Trezor.

The malicious emails demanded users to upgrade their ‘network’ or face potential loss of their funds. Trezor is a widely-used platform for managing, storing, and securing Bitcoins, and many users had significant amounts of money at stake.

Trezor has taken action by deactivating the malicious link and urging affected users to transfer their funds to new wallets. The attack was initiated through an unauthorized email that appeared to be from Trezor but was actually sent through a third-party email provider associated with the company. The email contained a deceptive link that directed recipients to a webpage requesting their seed phrase.

Response from Trezor

While the exact number of users impacted by the phishing scheme remains unconfirmed, Trezor has reassured users that their funds will be secure as long as they have not disclosed their recovery seed. For individuals who may have revealed their seed phrase, Trezor strongly advises moving their funds to a different secure wallet immediately and deleting the phishing email promptly.

Cryptopolitan has mentioned that some experts believe the phishing attack might be linked to a recent security incident involving Trezor’s support portal. On January 17, Trezor disclosed that contact details of about 66,000 users were exposed, potentially making them susceptible to unsolicited emails. However, Trezor took immediate measures to prevent unauthorized access and informed the affected users promptly.

Data breaches within the crypto realm are not uncommon, with numerous accounts being compromised for crypto-related fraud earlier this year. To assist in safeguarding your assets, here is a comprehensive guide on steering clear of common crypto scams.

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