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Minecraft Education launches new title for Safer Internet Day


To celebrate Safer Internet Day, Minecraft Education has introduced a fresh addition to the CyberSafe series of Minecraft quests.

CyberSafe: Good Game is an engaging challenge geared towards youngsters, aimed at helping them feel secure, happy, and content while online. This storyline-driven game assists players in navigating the digital realm, educating kids on the responsibilities and appropriate responses needed for online interactions.

Recognized as an initiative by the UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC), Safer Internet Day is observed on 6th February each year. The theme for this year’s event is ‘Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence, and navigating change online’.

Learning through Interactive Play

As described in Xbox Wire, Minecraft Education has intelligently integrated an online safety storyline in CyberSafe: Good Game as part of the challenge.

The game is set just before summer vacation, where a group of friends is strategizing how to progress in their favorite game. However, one friend is unable to join due to a broken controller, stemming from challenges faced with online bullies.

Players are tasked with creating a Good Game Guide to foster learning and equip young individuals with strategies to address online issues while promoting a positive gaming environment.

The game presents scenarios such as cyberbullying, inappropriate usernames, and chat interruptions. Users are provided with tools to respond appropriately by ignoring, correcting, muting, or reporting unwanted behaviors.

After overcoming each challenge, CyberSafe: Good Game prompts a moment of reflection to update the Good Game Guide, serving as a reference for future online gaming experiences.

Carlos Figueiredo, the Director of Player Safety at Minecraft, emphasized the importance of instilling responsibility and respect in online interactions:

“Good Game is the latest learning adventure in the CyberSafe series where players are equipped to take charge of their safety journey. In a world that calls for increased collaboration and dialogue, sparking a cultural shift to nurture healthy and respectful communities is paramount.”

Image: Minecraft Education

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