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TikTok promised to safeguard American data but it’s not


Despite TikTok’s assurance of safeguarding American data, reports suggest that there are instances where data is shared with its Chinese parent company. TikTok has made significant investments to convince U.S. lawmakers of the app’s security measures, including the development of a separate entity called Project Texas.

Project Texas, which oversees U.S. data and content recommendations on the app, faces issues in maintaining data security.

Issues with TikTok’s Management of American Data

Internal documents and interviews indicate that TikTok staff are occasionally instructed to share data informally with other departments and ByteDance employees in China. This sharing may include sensitive user information like email addresses and birthdates.

Project Texas struggles to keep pace with TikTok’s algorithm updates made by ByteDance in China, leading to challenges in monitoring and addressing potential issues promptly.

Despite pledges to provide independent laptops and software to Project Texas employees, delays in receiving new equipment have raised concerns about data security, especially regarding laptops provided by ByteDance.

An analysis by The Wall Street Journal reveals how TikTok tracks user behavior to optimize content recommendations, raising questions about data privacy and security.

TikTok’s difficulties in managing American data underscore its broader challenges in ensuring data protection on a global scale. While there are no indications of the Chinese government accessing American user data, the vulnerabilities in TikTok’s infrastructure remain a concern.

A TikTok spokesperson stated that they are actively working to enhance data protection measures for U.S. users.

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