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4 Financial Technology Companies Changing How We Handle Our Assets


The financial technology (FinTech) industry is rapidly evolving, impacting how we manage our finances and investments on a daily basis.

The dynamic nature of the sector is reshaping the way we spend, save, safeguard, and grow our assets, necessitating a vigilant approach to financial planning in this fast-paced environment.

Even before the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the global FinTech market was on a trajectory to reach nearly $310 billion in value this year, underscoring its growing significance.

While the scale of the impact of FinTech is immeasurable, focusing on a few key players can provide valuable insights into the future of financial technology transactions and investments.

1. Rocket Dollar: Diversifying Retirement Investments

Traditionally, saving for retirement involved investing in IRAs, stocks, bonds, or a mix of these conventional vehicles. However, the returns on these investments may vary, and many traditional firms have been slow to embrace new investment opportunities presented by FinTech.

By contrast, Rocket Dollar offers an alternative investment platform that allows clients to leverage their IRAs for diverse investment opportunities such as cryptocurrencies, startups, and real estate. This flexibility enables investors to capitalize on newer ventures while maintaining asset diversification.

2. Cash App by Square: Enhancing Payment Security

The shift towards cashless transactions was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, prompting a greater focus on touchless payment methods for safety and convenience.

Among the array of touchless payment options available, Cash App by Square stands out for allowing customers to utilize their existing credit and debit cards, including Bitcoin. Notably, Cash App offers the added benefit of anonymous payments to other Cash App accounts, catering to privacy-conscious consumers.

3. Samsung: Leveraging Blockchain for Security

In an era marked by data breaches and privacy concerns, there is a heightened emphasis on bolstering security in financial transactions. To address these challenges, blockchain technology has emerged as a secure method for conducting online transactions.

Samsung has been an early adopter of blockchain technology, offering innovative solutions like Nexledger and Cello Trust to enhance security and traceability in financial transactions. As other industry giants recognize the benefits of blockchain, its adoption is expected to increase.

4. YOLOrekt: Utilizing Machine Learning for Stock Market Predictions

Despite apprehensions about advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), tools like YOLOrekt are gamifying stock market predictions to make investing more accessible and engaging.

By employing AI to forecast stock prices, YOLOrekt aims to simplify investing for users through an intuitive interface, offering a novel way to interact with the stock market.

The Future of FinTech

Looking ahead, trends in FinTech are set to evolve further as consumers seek inclusive investment opportunities and prioritized security and privacy. Companies that responsibly leverage technology to enhance financial services and protect user interests are likely to lead the way in this ever-changing landscape.

Image Credit: Anna Nekrashevich; Pexels.

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