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10 Ways to Use Instagram Stories Highlights for Healthcare Marketing in 2024


Instagram has emerged as a top social media platform for businesses in various sectors, with Instagram stories offering a unique channel for interactive storytelling and promotion.

Many companies in the healthcare industry have leveraged Instagram Stories Highlights to expand their reach and enhance their visibility.

healthcare instagram marketing
Healthcare Instagram Marketing

Understanding Instagram Stories and Highlights

The evolution of Instagram has introduced several features to empower businesses. Among these features, Stories allow users to share short-lived posts, while Stories Highlights serve to archive and make these posts easily accessible.

For healthcare organizations, Instagram Stories Highlights offer a potent way to engage with their audience, exhibit their offerings, and provide valuable health-related content.

Effective Ways for Healthcare Marketing using Instagram Stories Highlights

This article explores ten strategies healthcare providers can employ to enhance their marketing efforts through Instagram Stories Highlights in 2024.

  1. Spotlight Patient Testimonials

Sharing patient testimonials is a powerful way to exhibit the positive impact of your treatments and services. Genuine testimonials can offer potential patients real insights into the success stories and outcomes achieved.

Furthermore, showcasing specific treatment successes enhances credibility, instills trust, and aids in better understanding your target audience.

Utilizing authentic patient testimonials collected through platforms like Google Reviews or Facebook Recommendations reinforces credibility and builds trust.

  1. Promote Health Awareness Campaigns

Creating Instagram Stories focused on health topics such as nutrition and mental health offers vital educational insights. These stories can feature useful tips, educational content, and inspirational narratives related to healthcare topics.

Using Instagram Stories Highlights to promote healthy practices and provide resources like articles or videos can foster a community of health-conscious individuals.

By dedicating a Highlight to health awareness campaigns, you can provide resources, share information on specific conditions, and engage followers with polls to boost interaction.

  1. Share Expert Insights

Sharing insights from healthcare professionals can position your practice as a reliable source of information. Providing expert advice through posts or clips can educate potential customers and enhance engagement with your offerings.

Creating Highlights dedicated to expert opinions can offer valuable health-related information that followers can share, fostering increased engagement with your products and services.

When sharing expert insights, transparency, clarity, and citing sources are crucial to establish trust and credibility with your audience.

Collaborating with influencers to share stories and advice can further boost your brand in the healthcare landscape.

  1. Showcase Health Services and Products

Instagram Story Highlights allow healthcare providers to curate content about services and products for a user-friendly experience. Highlighting benefits, success stories, or explaining procedures can offer viewers an insightful look into your offerings.

By showcasing services like weight loss programs, sharing testimonials, and using call-to-action features, you can engage potential patients and provide detailed information.

  1. Offer a Behind-the-Scenes Perspective

Sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses through Instagram Stories can foster a personal and engaging experience. Featuring facility tours, staff interviews, or previews of upcoming services can build trust and attract potential patients.

Engage viewers by showcasing staff introductions, office tours, and procedure footage. Encouraging audience participation through story questions can enhance interaction.

By providing a deeper narrative with behind-the-scenes content, you can strengthen loyalty and trust with your audience.

  1. Share Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Utilize Instagram Stories Highlights to share valuable lifestyle tips, promoting your expertise in the healthcare domain. Educate followers on health conditions, lifestyle choices, and stress management strategies to build lasting relationships.

Highlighting success stories from patients who adopted healthy lifestyles can inspire and motivate others, driving engagement and fostering relationships.

Share resources such as websites or books promoting healthy living to strengthen patient relationships.

  1. Announce Upcoming Events and Workshops

Utilize Instagram Stories Highlights to share event information and generate excitement among followers. Update viewers on event details, collaborate with other providers, and showcase past events to attract attendees.

Engage viewers with updates, sneak peeks, and visuals of events to encourage participation and enhance engagement.

Highlight unique event features to draw attendees and expand your outreach among potential customers.

  1. Promote Special Offers and Discounts

Promote special offers through Instagram Stories Highlights, showcasing limited-time deals to drive conversions and boost revenue. Create captivating content and use hashtags to enhance visibility and attract a broader audience.

Highlight promotions with attractive visuals and encourage followers to avail themselves of discounts by providing detailed information about the offers.

  1. Share Patient Success Stories

Share real patient success stories to build trust and showcase your services’ impact. Inspire viewers with patient outcomes, emphasizing your care’s effectiveness and inspiring confidence in your offerings.

Ensure authenticity in shared stories by obtaining patient consent and portraying genuine accounts of positive outcomes.

  1. Spotlight Community Engagement

Showcasing community involvement reflects your organization’s commitment to societal impact and fosters brand loyalty. Sharing narratives of community contributions can humanize your practice and increase engagement among followers.

Highlight community engagements, such as local charity events or volunteering efforts, to demonstrate social responsibility and build authentic relationships with the audience.

Sharing stories of your impact can raise awareness and deepen engagement with your community.

Role of Instagram Stories Highlights in Healthcare Marketing

Instagram Stories Highlights provide a window into your practice’s values and impact on patients’ lives, facilitating a strong online presence and attracting new clientele.

Creating engaging and authentic content through Instagram Stories Highlights establishes credibility, nurtures relationships, and helps in positioning your practice as a trusted healthcare provider.


Healthcare marketers can harness Instagram Stories Highlights to drive engaging marketing campaigns, boost brand awareness, and enhance customer conversions. In the evolving landscape of 2024, utilizing these features will be crucial for healthcare marketing success, necessitating strategic planning and creative content creation.

By delivering resonant and valuable content through Instagram Stories Highlights, healthcare marketers can expand their reach, fortify their brand, and attract new patients in the coming years.

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