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Top 14 Sites to Promote Your Startup


When it comes to promoting your app or software, there are various strategies you can employ, such as running ads, leveraging social media, or traditional methods like distributing flyers. However, one cost-effective and efficient way to promote your app is through online directories and review sites.

These platforms not only help you broaden your reach but also make it easier for potential users to discover your app. Getting featured on relevant websites can showcase your business effectively.

#1: Product Hunt

#14: VentureBeat Profiles
Time to Launch! Conclusion

Moreover, many of these directories and review sites offer free listings which makes them even more appealing:

#1: Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a platform that showcases the latest and greatest products daily. It’s a community where enthusiasts share and discuss new mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech innovations.

Why it’s great:

Product Hunt is an excellent avenue to promote your mobile app or software. By submitting your product for review, you can receive feedback and suggestions from users, enhancing your product’s quality. Many software startups kick off their journey on Product Hunt, which has become a significant hub for app purchases in the app store.

  • Rating for an app: 10/10
  • Rating for software: 10/10
  • Rating for technology other than app or software: 8/10

#2: KillerStartups

KillerStartups focuses on reviewing emerging internet startups to assist entrepreneurs in gaining exposure right from the start. The platform attracts young entrepreneurs globally who are passionate about creating innovative products.

Why it’s great:

KillerStartups’ dynamic blog continually publishes fresh content, maintaining audience engagement over time. With a strong editorial voice, the platform elevates the quality of the content and offers a supportive community interested in apps, software, and startups.

  • Rating for an app: 8/10
  • Rating for software: 10/10
  • Rating for technology other than app or software: 7/10

Time to Launch! Conclusion

Marketing your app through guest blogging and utilizing platforms like those mentioned above can drive diverse traffic to your landing page or app. With the multitude of promotion options available, app marketing becomes simplified without the necessity of app store optimization. Find the best-suited platform for your target audience and observe the impact of promotions.

Embracing the fun aspect of showcasing your creations to potential users is essential. Leverage existing marketing channels and capitalize on relevant links across the internet to attract visitors. Waste no time and launch your app or software to introduce your innovative solution to the digital world!

While numerous ways exist to promote your app or software, not all are cost-free. The platforms featured above offer effective and free promotion opportunities to expose your app or software to a wider audience, increasing your chances of success.

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