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Apple Vision Pro Reviews: What are the critics saying?


Apple is estimated to have sold around 180,000 Vision Pro headsets during its first pre-order weekend last month. Initially, there were reports of a slow uptake for this latest offering from the tech giant with the highest market capitalization in the world.

The Apple Vision Pro is marketed as offering “an infinite canvas that transforms the way you interact with your favorite apps.” It allows users to view their apps in a customizable workspace that seamlessly transitions between the real and virtual worlds. While this technology sounds impressive and promising, the question remains about its practicality and adoption due to its expensive nature.

Although all pre-orders are being shipped to consumers, for those still undecided about purchasing the headset, here is a compilation of reviews on Apple’s mixed-reality device.

‘Most innovative product since iPhone’

Mark Spoonauer, the global editor-in-chief of Tom’s Guide, praised the hand and eye-tracking technology and the 3D spatial video playback feature of the Vision Pro.

Spoonauer appreciated the design of the headset but found it heavy, leading him to take breaks from wearing it. He mentioned that the software is still in the early stages, with some key apps missing from the App Store and expressed concerns about the tethered battery. He rightly pointed out the high price point ($3,499) and suggested that a more accessible version at a lower price might appeal to a broader audience.

In summary, Spoonauer stated that this is “the most innovative Apple product since the original iPhone”, offering immersive experiences and significant multitasking capabilities.

Nilay Patel, editor-in-chief of The Verge, described Apple’s creation as “the best consumer headset anyone’s ever made – and that’s the problem”. 

While Patel praised the Vision Pro, he questioned whether it might be too advanced and potentially niche rather than a market-leading product like the iPhone. He also noted a feeling of isolation in the mixed-reality environment.

‘Familiar and distinct’

Lance Ulanoff from Tech Radar was impressed with the Vision Pro, referring to it as “the real future of virtual and augmented reality” after just half an hour of use. He found the mixed-reality headset to be both familiar and entirely unique.

Despite the positive response, Ulanoff, like others, expressed concerns about the high price point and anticipated future lower-priced versions to reach a wider market.

Joanna Stern from The Wall Street Journal shared a similar sentiment.

After a week of testing the Vision Pro, she described it as a work in progress that most people probably wouldn’t purchase. She pointed out issues like size, weight, battery life, limited app selection, and occasional bugs.

Scott Stein from CNET had an exhilarating experience but rated the Vision Pro 7.8 out of 10 overall.

His assessment of a “mind-blowing look at an unfinished future” seems to capture the current state of Apple’s mixed reality headset – impressive yet imperfect.

Popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee echoed similar sentiments, appreciating the innovation and risk-taking embodied in the Vision Pro despite its flaws.

Feature image: Apple

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