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Elemind: Wearable AI offers ‘electric medicine’ via brain stimulation

A team of scientists, doctors, and entrepreneurs has secured $12 million in initial funding for a novel noninvasive health wearable fueled by artificial...

SpeedyBrand: Revolutionizing SEO Content Creation with Generative AI

The way in which small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) approach online marketing is being revolutionized by SpeedyBrand, a cutting-edge startup […]

eFishery Secures $200 Million Funding, Becomes Indonesia’s First Aquaculture Unicorn

eFishery, an Indonesian startup company in the aquaculture industry, recently made an announcement that it was successful in raising $200 […]

5 Things You Need to Learn Before Launching a Startup

Startups are romanticized, and sometimes it’s misleading for people who want to launch their own company. Mostly, stories about startups […]

Raft: The AI-Powered Platform That’s Disrupting the Freight Industry

Since its inception in 2017, when it was known as Vector.ai, Raft has undergone significant development. The company has expanded […]

Canoo: The EV Startup That’s Proving the Doubters Wrong

Canoo, an EV startup based in California that debuted its futuristic-looking electric van in 2021, is having difficulty making ends […]

CEO Fires 90% of Staff, Replaces Them with AI Bot

Many aspects of running a business now depend on AI, and customer service is no different. Due to their versatility […]

Simbe’s Inventory Robots Are So Good, They Just Raised $28 Million

Eclipse led a $28 million Series B funding round for Simbe Robotics, bringing the company’s total funding to $54 million. […]

Big Sky Capital: Investing in the Future of SaaS Startups

In the fast-paced world of technology and venture capital, a new player has emerged, poised to significantly impact the startup […]

Impact of Mentors to Help Founders Navigate the Challenges of a New Startup

Compelling mentorship that provides industry insight and rich personal experience can foster an ecosystem that nurtures and grows startups in […]

The Killer IPOs That Are Making Tech Startups Look Like Amateurs

The tech industry is witnessing a monumental shift in the dynamics of startup success. While venture-backed startups struggle to find […]

Using AI and Big Data to Create a Workplace that Appeals to Gen Z

If you’re an entrepreneur or tech professional wondering how to engage and keep Gen Z employees, turning to AI and […]

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